You want your animals to be the very best,

the most Vital Animals
they can be.

Your goal is to have them in shiny, vigorous health for long joyful life journey with you.

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Odds are, you’ve arrived here with some questions about how to achieve this laudable goal, and likely have some doubts about conventional veterinary medicine’s ability to get you there.

You’re a thinking person, and you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and put in the effort it takes to get your animals to that high plane of health called Vital. You’re not likely to turn over health care to someone in a white coat, for either you or your animals.

If that describes you, you’re in the right place.

There’s a lot of natural animal care resources I’ve put together for you to take your animals to a high plane of health. No need to read it all at once. Take your time, and absorb well what you learn in here.

Let’s get started on the Natural Path by learning more about those decisions that have the greatest impact on your animal. The choices you make here are the most important in making and keeping your animal a Vital Animal.

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Homeopathic Veterinary
Medicine and Remedies

Natural Solutions to
Your Challenges from
Your Holistic Vet

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Non-Toxic Flea
& Tick Prevention

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Itchy Dog

icon heartwormprevention

Drug Free Heartworm

icon naturaldental

Natural Dental

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Dog Flu

icon rabies


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Immune Strong

Building a Bullet Proof Immune System

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage immunepathpic

Immune Path

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage vitaldefensepic

Vital Defense

Prevention's Pot Holes

Prevention Causing Disease?

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage neuterornotandwhenpic

Neuter. Or Not? And When?

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage vaccinationsconsider pic

Vaccinations: Consider Carefully

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage vaccinationssafetypic

Vaccination: Safety

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage vaccinationsrabiespic

Vaccination: Efficacy

Healthy Food Options

icon bestdogfeed

Best Dog Food

icon besthorsefeed

Best Horse Feed

icon bestcatfood

Best Cat Food

icon rawdiet

Raw Diets

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage kibblefordogsonlypic

Dog Food Reviews: Kibble For Dogs Only!

puma-face closeup 700

No Kibble for Kitty!

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage feedforvitalitypic

Best dog food? Best cat food? Raw. Balanced.

vitalanimal beginnersguidepage themissingingredientpic

The Missing Ingredient

Top Podcast Episodes

Take Empowerig Knowledge on Your Next Walk

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The above links have both the recorded episodes + the show notes, extra links to help you dig deeper.

To listen to any episode on your mobile, click the button below.

Who's Writing all this good stuff, Anyway?

About Dr. Will Falconer

Hi, I'm Dr Will Falconer


I started out in conventional veterinary practice in 1980, using all the latest drugs and surgeries. After seven years, I was inspired to begin holistic re-training and established a full time, solo, homeopathic practice, treating animals globally from Austin, Texas.

To reach more people, I began blogging and sharing the wealth of information that I gleaned from years of study and holistic practice.

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What is a Holistic Vet?

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Recommended Resources

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