Rabies a Unique
and Deadly Disease


A disease that makes monsters

How can a tiny, microscopic virus change your normally acting animal into a crazy one who'd attack you, her caregiver?

(Not to mention her attacking other people, children, dogs, even cars!)

How has this tiny virus survived for thousands of years and appeared in our earliest records of mankind?

And might rabies be the source of the vampire and zombie phenomenon that's gripped our culture?

Read on, as this is no ordinary disease.

It's the stuff of legends, nightmares, and horror stories.

Why you'd be smart to
learn more about this virus

Well, in addition to the wild virus causing mayhem, we're seeing all sorts of problems with those who've simply been vaccinated against rabies.

Maybe you know someone who's had these shots?

When your animal gets a simple rabies vaccination, the killed virus is injected straight into your animal's body, bypassing all the natural defenses.

The after-effects of that single vaccine, even if you've given up repeating all the others, can be lifelong.

Examples we've seen in clinical practice include:

  • Epilepsy with seizures (out of control, flailing contortions)
  • Laryngeal paralysis (your senior dog has noisy, difficult breathing)
  • Swallowing is impaired (a cough or gag appears on eating or drinking.This can progress to regurgitation and eventually to rear-end paralysis, i.e. generalized nerve paralysis)
  • New fears, like thunder or fireworks
  • Hypersensitivity to noise, light, and touch
  • Out and out aggression towards others

Introducing the Rabies Short Course

This course will help you understand why vaccination against this scary disease can bring its own set of scary and debilitating diseases to your dog, cat, or horse.

In addition, you'll learn where rabies is much more of a risk to dogs and humans, and where the vaccine is causing more disease in previously healthy pets.

If you live where rabies lives or rabies vaccination has a "law," you'll want to get smart about this disease!

What's inside the Rabies Short Course

  • Rabies Goes Way Back
  • An Infectious Bite
  • Saving the Bite Victim
  • From Bite to Behavior Change
  • Hydrophobia!
  • Rabies as a Chronic Disease
  • Developing Countries vs Developed Ones
  • Who Carries Rabies?
  • What Works Now
  • Long Term Cost: Rabies Vaccinosis
  • Basis of Rabies Law
  • Intent vs Letter of the Law
  • “Just” a Rabies Shot?
  • What’s Ahead?
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Why you are in the best place
to learn more about this virus

drwill aboutpic

Dr. Will Falconer, DVM

Rabies is anything but a simple disease, but it’s one you need to be smart about if your aim is to keep your animal safe and truly Vital.

I studied rabies in depth in the early 90’s when the State of Hawaii hired me to consult on their rabies quarantine. Years later I learned that my report helped to change the lockup time from 4 months to possibly rapid entry on the day you arrive.

I came to my conclusions after months of study with the experts in the field.

After nearly 40 years as a vet now, the last 25 in exclusively homeopathic medical practice with clients around the globe, I’ve learned that you’ve got to be smart on all things offered to you in Dr. WhiteCoat’s clinic. My revelation after years in homeopathic practice: conventional medicine is damaging your animals in the name of prevention!

Rabies vaccinations are one significant source of that damage.

I no longer think of them (or their “laws”) as something you just have to roll over and accept.

I'm dedicated to growing the number of people who want to learn SAFE and effective prevention. Join me in discovering the truth about this disease and our goal can be reached together: wildly healthy, naturally disease-resistant  Vital Animals.

Enroll now and I’ll see you inside.

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