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Learn acute homeopathy for your animals from a certified homeopathic vet who’s dedicated his entire practice to this gentle and deep acting modality.

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If you haven't already, you may well want to get off the neurotoxic and immune system risky HW drugs. Here's a proven way to do just that:

Get my Drug Free Heartworm Prevention Program:

"Vital Animals Don't Get Heartworms!"

The Drug Free Prevention Program That Works

Choose to build your dog's natural resistance with the methods that have served hundreds of my own patients and countless others for over 30 years.

Here's what Joyce Salazar from Dallas/Ft. Worth says:

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Best natural protocol I've ever known. I have had my dogs on Dr. Will Falconer's protocol (since 2009), and I live in an endemic area of North Texas and have been Heartworm free every single year. I personally know 20 other dogs that follow this same protocol, all Heartworm free. This protocol works!

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