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I started out in conventional veterinary practice in 1980, using all the latest drugs and surgeries. After seven years, I was inspired to begin holistic re-training and established a full time, solo, homeopathic practice, treating animals globally from Austin, Texas.

To reach more people, I began blogging and sharing the wealth of information that I gleaned from years of study and holistic practice.

Around 2010, I made the connection that my sick animal patients were often falling ill from veterinary intervention that ironically, was being done in the name of prevention. I was spending my hours and days treating one sick animal at a time, many of whom were victims of over-vaccination, toxic pest control and toxic, lifeless diets, and yet these preventable problems weren't going away, because the diseases were now often chronic and long lasting.

My calling to teach became crystal clear, and Vital Animal was born. I educate animal owners on how to raise wildly healthy animals in tune with timeless natural laws.

My purpose is to help you sidestep the damage of conventional “prevention” with a better way, one I call “The Natural Path."

Today I live in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India, and teach and send my newsletter to folks like you from all over the globe.

I'm glad you're here and I look forward to serving you and helping you raise your own wildly healthy, naturally disease-resistant animals.

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Welcome to the natural path,

Dr. Will Falconer
Certified Veterinary Homeopath

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What is a Holistic Vet

But what is a holistic veterinarian? I grappled with this when I left conventional practice in the late '80s. If I offered people healthy raw food diets, was I a holistic vet?

Seemed like I was moving in the right direction, but didn't holistic mean more than that?

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I Believe Vital Animals Can Change the World


The model of disease prevention put forth by conventional veterinarians is fundamentally flawed. It is in fact damaging the animals whose owners partake in it.


This flawed disease prevention model is strengthened and supported each time you vote with your wallet:

Every time you answer a postcard claiming your animal is “due” for more vaccinations.

Every time you buy another six-pack of topical flea poisons.

Every time you give another month’s worth of heartworm pesticides.


This broken model of disease “prevention” will never change from Dr. WhiteCoat’s side, who sells it:

He refuses to see the possibility of it causing harm.

He’s comfortable in it. Change is uncomfortable.

He profits from providing it and profits again from the disease it causes.


In the meantime, caught in this machine of conventional “prevention,” animals are suffering the chronic disease in record numbers:

Allergic, nightmarishly itchy skin (the #1 reason pets see vets)

Allergic inflamed, painful, foul-smelling ears (that’s reason #2)

Inflamed, failing organs: joints, thyroid, heart, kidney, brain, etc.

Cancer is now the #1 cause of death in dogs over six years old.


The only way out of this nightmare of disease is for you, the wise animal owner, to say:

"Enough. I’ll prevent disease in a different way.”

That different way will include feeding species-appropriate foods.

It will include “Once and Done” vaccinations if chosen at all.

That different way will include pest control without poisons.

It will include natural treatments that strengthen your animal’s defenses, like homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, and natural supplements.

That way will include curing inherited chronic diseases in youngsters.


When enough Vital Animals are seen, petted, and appreciated across the planet, a light will go on:

This model of natural, holistic prevention works.


Parents will see these Vital Animals and rethink their health care choices for their kids:

Multiple vaccinations, starting at birth.
Junk food availability in schools and at home.
Mind-altering drugs as an attempt to “fix” those damaged by #1 and #2.

And that’s why this site is here. 

Care to join us? We’re a Vital Animal Pack.

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"You are my number 1 favorite holistic veterinarian out there! I'm tremendously grateful for each and every article you've written on your blog and for Dogs Naturally Magazine and your newsletter is the only one which NEVER goes to the trash but is immencely enjoyed. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with others!
    You're outstanding!"

- Tina Tingsjo, Sweden

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