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I’m pretty fussy about the links I choose, but if you have a good feel for this site, and see something glaringly missing from recommended resources on this page, please tell me on my Contact page link.

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Study Homeopathy at Home!

Now, at a computer near you (yes, the one you’re reading this on, in fact!), my Homeopathic First Aid Course, Miracles in Healing, brought to you by my friends at Dogs Naturally Magazine.

Can you imagine avoiding the ER when acute problems arise with your animal? My clients do it all the time, with a remedy kit and some understanding of how to use these miraculous medicines.

Do the math: if you avoid one trip to the ER, you will have more than paid for the entire course!

I hope to see you inside.

Vital Animal Courses

After a very successful course to a hundred engaged animal owners, I have committed myself to teaching and changing the world, one amazing Vital Animal at a time.

I’m here to empower you with knowledge, stretch your boundaries of thinking, and give your animals the most remarkably healthy lives they can have. Courses I offer can be taken on your own time and are yours forever.

To be sure you don’t miss these often limited time opportunities to learn, be sure to sign up to get first notice here.


Raw Food Delivered!  Tired of shopping and lugging home rapidly thawing frozen dog food? Knowing inside that the number of freeze/thaw cycles raw foods go through really decrease the food quality? Problem solved: Steve’s Real Food for Dogs comes frozen solid on dry ice, fresh flash frozen from the makers, and ready to thaw as you need it, no muss, no fuss, no shlepping frozen stuff home.

Steve Brown was one of the first out there to develop the real deal, raw balanced diets for dogs. He did the due diligence so you don’t have to, and now you can get it sent directly to your door.

C’mere Spot! Your package has arrived!



Not ready to wrap your mind around feeding raw food just yet? Start here.

You’d have a hard time finding fault with the foods and treats coming from Dr. Randy Wysong’s company in Midland, Michigan. He’s been dedicated to great products and sound ideas for many years, and I cut my nutrition teeth on some of his writings. This just may be the “sleeper” food in the pet food world: so good it should be in every pet dish, but many haven’t discovered it yet. Lots of cool products in wise packaging to keep the good in and the bad out.

Not a Johnny come lately, Dr. Wysong’s foods have served multiple generations of animals with great health benefits, and have weathered a large number of fads, the latest being “grain free.” If you’re really thinking, you’ll see “starch free” is what we’re after for our carnivores, and Wysong has the first truly starch-free kibble out there, called Epigen

Do try them, and see which of his many foods I recommend by clicking on that happy girl and her best bud.  And remember: Change it UP! (i.e. variety is important! Change foods monthly or so.)

Here are some of Dr. Wysong’s more interesting TNT (aka no heat) foods:
Wysong Natural Pet Food

Austin Raw Feeders Coop will get you the materials to feed raw at the best price possible, in addition to helping you do raw right.

Pure Water for Pennies

Just as you want clean, wholesome food to build strong bodies, you also want drinking water that’s free of the common nasties:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Pesticide residues
  • Herbicide residues
  • Drug residues

What I use (and offer my patients when I don’t have fresh rainwater for them), is reverse osmosis (RO) water. Don’t add more plastic bottles to your land fill, you can make your own far cheaper and with way less waste: get your own under the sink RO water filter!

Click on the image for details, and happy drinking!


Pests, Dealt with Naturally

Non-Toxic Flea (and Tick!) Control

Our most popular page! You want to deal with those pests without poisoning anybody or your home, right? Clicking here gets you to how to get this done.

Wondercide is an Austin company that has been going great guns, replacing the death dealing pesticides in the world slowly but steadily with a local resource that’s renewable, hell on bad bugs, and not toxic to us mammals: cedar oil. The active ingredient is used in a great line of products that kills fleas, ticks, bed bugs (!), mosquitoes, roaches, etc. Get products for use on your animals as well as on your premises.

Cancel your exterminator! Chem Free? HA! I laugh every time I see that name on their trucks.

Check out a wonder of Nature here:


Natural Everything: Treats! Furniture! Food! Bowls! Beds!

Yeah, if you haven’t already, you’ll want to stop in at Only Natural Pet, the source of some of my Non-Toxic Flea Control stuff and much, much more. Lots to get for your favorite pooch or puss there, and usually very fairly priced. They regularly have sales and good discounts on shipping, too. Check them out.

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Here’s the free version of Dr. Dooley’s book, Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine. It’s one edition behind the paperback, but you’ll get the idea, and it’s the best intro to this amazing science and art that I’ve found. Highly recommended. You’ll need Adobe Reader or something similar to read it. This is also free, here. (This same free application will also allow you to easily read my Drug-free Heartworm Prevention Program ebook.)


Dogs Naturally, a bimonthly magazine with a great collection of authors (including yours truly), with all things natural for the dog species. Very useful content, appropriately against the over vaccination craze going on in conventional medicine, and they have a pretty nice collection of articles online, and more in print. Check them out here.

The Whole Dog Journal, a monthly newsletter dedicated to natural dog care and training. Belvoir Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 420235, Palm Coast, FL 32142 (800)829-9165 for subscriptions. Free Trial subscription.

The National Center for Homeopathy, 801 North Fairfax Street, Suite 306, Alexandria, VA 22314. 703 548-7790. They have an excellent information packet for $7 that includes a directory of practitioners, study groups, and pharmacies; an article on homeopathy; information on training programs/schools; and a copy of Homeopathy Today, a monthly publication full of interesting articles and information on homeopathy.

Acres USA, the voice of Eco-Agriculture

The best periodical on forward looking methods in agriculture, the source of most of our food (outside of our gardens). 1-800-355-5313 · (512) 892-4400 We’re tickled to have them right here in Austin, Texas. You can get a free issue. Well worth a look.

Sources of Holistic Veterinarians

The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, a national organization to educate post-graduate veterinarians in the science and art of classical homeopathy. Successful completion of training and exams leads to certification. A list of veterinarians by state of practice is here. Some are members only, some are Certified Veterinary Homeopaths.

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, a national organization whose purpose is to function as a forum for the exploration of alternative and complementary areas of health care in veterinary medicine. Members could practice a wide variety of natural modalities, with or without homeopathy.

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, a national group of both veterinarians and chiropractors who practice animal chiropractic. Includes a certification training program.

AltVetMed, an information site for complementary and alternative veterinary medicine. Includes many links to other organizations, articles, a discussion forum, news, etc.

Complementary People

Lizzy Meyer, raw food coach I had the good fortune to hire Lizzy to help in my practice. She’s the perfect combination of vet tech and holistic mind. She’s gotten a call from within to move in a new direction. Here’s part of  that direction that you may find of value in your quest to feed species appropriate foods to your animals.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of feeding a raw diet, Lizzy Meyer is available to help! She has over 15 years of experience in the veterinary world as a technician. She has also worked alongside homeopathic and holistic veterinarians. She is experienced in creating and feeding home-cooked recipes and a variety of raw food diets. There are many options, but it is possible to find one to fit your animals’ needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. The prospect of feeding raw foods is often overwhelming. Having a guide is helpful to figure math formulas, to determine your animals’ specific needs, and to learn about ethical sourcing in your area.

Mail Lizzy Meyer
Whole Horse Consulting is where you can find Lizzy online.

Dr. Mary Traverse, D.C., C.A.C.

Dr. Mary is my chiropractor, who I think the world of. She practices what I fondly call, “The homeopathy of chiropractic,” aka Network Chiropractic. This is a technique that is very gentle and subtle, but offers a huge beneficial effect. (Kind of like the right remedy, you see?) And, she’s certified to work on animals, after a year long professional training. So, bring the dog, call her for your horse, and get yourself treated all in the same visit!

Sources of Naturally Reared Animals

Natural Rearing Breeder’s Directory, Marina Zacharias has for several years been a resource for those breeders who’ve cared enough about the future of their progeny to work with generational health, i.e. treating breeding stock to natural foods, minimal or no vaccines, and natural medicine like homeopathy. Listed by breed, this is the best way to find healthy youngsters in the canine world.

Natural Rearing Dog Breeders Association is another group, with Jeanette Thomason, ND at the helm.

Au Naturel K9s also has a list here

Wholesale Transfer Factor Products

My4Life LogoTo purchase the best immune support available on the planet (for animals or people), please visit my online store here: Click Here

Here, you can order products for you and your family at wholesale cost. Hard to go wrong with this company, as they really pay attention to detail and quality, and can get your products to you very quickly. Highly recommended for two- and four-footed folks!

For more on why I value this immune support so highly, walk with me on my Immune Path, in which I offer more details and tell you how to get my free white paper, Insider Immune Protocols, which tells you how I use these products in both my patients and my own body.


Animals - ZebraDog Wise These folks have lots of books and other things canine related. My first source of Give Your Dog a Bone, when no one else seemed to have it.

Seventh Generation, a group of dedicated environmentalists who make all manner of cleaning supplies without the usual toxic or environment-degrading ingredients. Part of healthy animals is cleaning non-toxically. Subscribe to their thoughtful newsletter that speaks to a wide range of issues, all with a healthier planet in mind. They’ll send you $10 worth of coupons to try their products! Website:


Building Your Own Beautiful Website

I landed with a great group of folks when I set out to learn the interwebs and get my work online in a useful and attractive way. They live at and take writing and teaching seriously. Some of their most useful tools are in the form of StudioPress WordPress themes, built upon a solid core called Genesis. You can get up and running and get your words and text and videos and any kind of useful content in front of the world in short order with the help of Genesis. Secure, SEO optimized, easily tweaked with lots of layout options so you get your stuff out there in the way that fits your message. Highly recommended.

At the links above, you’ll see some amazing themes that will call out what you are hoping to achieve online. You can also click this charming pic below to see a sweet example of a theme. Every theme you buy from them comes with Genesis as its core.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

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