Vital Defense

Vital Immunity: DON’T Leave it To Chance

Your animal, just like you, has challenges coming his way every day. Challenges to his health and well being and his very life. These include:

My patient Dillon, RIP.  After his spleen tumor was removed.

  • Viruses, including Parvo from the dog park path
  • Bacteria, including salmonella in dry food or E. coli in the stool along her walk
  • Parasites, like Giardia from the stream and hookworm in the soil
  • Cancer cells, randomly arising by cell mutation, understood to be a daily occurrence in all of us

The hope is that his immune system is up to the challenge of these regular incursions, and it will mount an adequate response, repel the challenge, and restore balance.
Most of this, when it works well, happens behind the scenes in this amazing part of all of us, called our immune system.

Working Against Immunity

The following are, in order of importance, those things your animal receives that cause immune system breakdown:

  • Vaccination
  • Heartworm pills
  • Flea pesticides
  • Antibiotics

In hoping to protect our animals, we’ve often unknowingly made mistakes that have been proven to damage or weaken immune responses significantly.

The commonest is the act of vaccination.

I can’t tell you how many animals I see in practice on a daily basis who come with a story like this:

“We went in for his “annuals” last month (the shots he was “due” for). Now, he’s itching like crazy, and digging in his ears. He’s losing hair, smells terrible and is chewing his feet like he’s going to eat them off!”

“Poor Shep can’t sleep and neither can we!!”

Shortcut to Disaster

When we inject viruses in a combination through a needle into the body, we have bypassed all the natural alert mechanisms that Nature put in place for germ exposure.

Bypassed the tonsils, the local immunity in the gut, the chains of lymph nodes waiting to be alerted and process the foreigners, and BOOM: the viruses are now in the inner sanctum, the blood stream, going everywhere throughout the body.

And not just one, but several kinds, simultaneously.

Similar immune challenges are seen after a monthly heart worm pill. Or a topical flea treatment. You have alternative options for both of these to avoid this fate for your animals. Look to my Vital Path articles for answers. But stay with me for a moment. We want to get the Big Picture first.

When Confusion Reigns, Your Animal Suffers

In this state of immune confusion, the highly trained immune system loses its senses. It can’t distinguish “bad guys” like viruses and bacteria and cancer cells from “self,” like a red blood cell.

Or recognize normal things in life, like a bit of flea saliva. Or a grain of pollen. Or a bite of chicken.

The end result is often an immune train wreck:

Huge over reaction to things that should be ignored, the normal things of life.

Woeful under reaction to the real threats, the germs and cancer cells.

— And in the worst case, attacking one’s own cells, threatening to bring your poor animal to death’s door for lack of red blood cells (autoimmune hemolytic anemia) or lack of platelets, making clotting impossible (autoimmune thrombocytopenia).

More chronic forms of autoimmune disease that are common now include thyroid disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, Cushings, Addison’s, and lupus).

Strengthen Immunity Now

Thankfully, you’ve got help available, to set the immune system of your animals (and your kids and yourself) back to balanced, full function. As Nature intended. I call it Vital Immunity.

Balanced means vigorously attacking the foreign invaders until they are killed.

Balanced means stopping the attack when it’s over and returning to resting alertness. Watching for the next challenge.

Balanced means seeing the normal things in life as non-threats:

A flea bite? No big deal.

A breath of cedar pollen? So what?

Chicken? Beef? Bring it on, that’s real food!

And balanced means seeing own’s own cells as sacrosanct.

Not to ever be attacked.

Unless they become changed, and start to grow like crazy, under the influence of a cancerous process.

Then, you want the immune system to step up its game, proceed as for a foreign invader, and attack without hesitation.

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Bringing Balance Back to Immunity

Transfer factors have outshone any immune booster they’ve ever been compared to. They were discovered in 1949 and are now available in a purified, highly potent form.

I use transfer factors in my body and in my patients’ bodies, regularly. To both prevent immune train wrecks and to get them back from the brink if they’ve lost their way in immune dysfunction.

Your animals can achieve strong, balanced immunity from something as simple as a squirt of the new micronized version on the tongue (or, in the food).

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Best Immune Support

If you want to do the best for your animal, and she’s been through vaccinations, heartworm drugs, topical flea treatments, or just lives in the world with its daily challenges, do this now.

Don’t leave immunity to chance.




Prevention is always far better than treatment. When done with potent tools like transfer factors, you will keep your animals vitally, vigorously healthy for a long, joyful life with you.

And you can rest easy,  knowing you’ve done your best for them, the ones who depend on your informed health choices to keep them out of harm’s way.

Vital immunity. Don’t settle for less.