#38 Behind the scenes at Vital Pet Health

Vital Pet Health CEO, Jason Donas joins me to give us some big news in product development.

It seems my friends in Vital Animal’s “sister company” have been busy reformulating to make your animal’s immune support and detox options really amazing.

Jason explains the process of micronization and why it takes an expensive machine to accomplish it. Far more than mere filtering, this process makes your pet’s supplements instantly available and fully absorbed.

Practically speaking, that translates to way more “bang for your buck.”

And, if you’ve followed transfer factor’s evolution with me, you’ll know the power of their immune support, with 1000’s of research papers dating back to TF’s discovery in the ’50’s. Add micronization to this powerful immune enhancement, and you can expect unprecedented results.

(Jason briefly compares their transfer factor with colostrum, and if that’s ever confused you, don’t miss his explanation.)

What’s more, the entire product line now is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, long the goal of Dr. Scott Treadway, chief formulator at VPH.

And, since the upgrade, it means all the products are now readily available to your cats as well as your dogs.

As a plus, palatability is now 100%, thanks to the new liquid formulas. Just get it on to your pet’s food and you’re good to go.

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As a friendly introduction to the newly reformatted product lines, Jason has graciously offered a sweet discount to Vital Animal Podcast listeners. You’ll find the details on this page:

Get your dog or cat on the best immune support and detox options available today!

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  1. Virginia on January 15, 2023 at 8:10 pm

    I just want to thank you Dr. Falconer for being a bright beacon of hope for so many furry friends and for advocating on part of our fur friends and us pet parents out here. You are a true pioneer and an amazing human being!!!
    I’ve heard about nano tech for a decade or so. What get’s me is how easily it can bypass natural ingestion and uptake. I get that many animals and humans don’t have the ability to absorb due to gut health, lack of enzymes and good bacteria, underlining deficiencies, plaque build up, etc. but my only concern is that what ever can bypass the natural system needs to be 100 certain that it’s safe.
    I remember back in the day taking copious amounts of MSM to help recover from gnarly workouts and the brutal day to day life of daily toxins and low quality (even organic) foods. I always took caution as anything taken with msm made the possibility of it also bypassing, extremely high.
    I read about people taking it before a night out on the town and got so drunk with Alcohol poisoning.
    I realize that this episode promotes a clean and highly efficacious product, but I shy from ANYTHING that bypasses and undermines the natural systems…such as vaccines do.
    I want to research this product further, as it is compelling.

    I actually purchased the old version from 4Life several days ago after reading one of your older articles, but now after listening to this episode and learning of the synthetic vitamin in it, I’ll probably opt for something else.
    Such is the quest of health and vitality.

    A side note, why are there not millions of lawsuits against the governments and corporate interests who poison us on a daily basis (water, food, air).

  2. Fur Family First on May 15, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    How do we concisely make our point about Vital Pet Health Products (now called Venjenz products) and the recommendation to buy them?

    First let’s set the context how, since 1993, we learned to distrust and avoid the allopathic ”medicine”, the white coats, as much as possible for both our fur and non fur family members.

    The white coats (together with the cronies in official positions in society) were responsible for the suffering and deaths of our family members. No mincing of words; we are passionately on the same side as Vital Animal.

    Second, we love Dr Falconer and his contributions to helping people be aware of one’s options.

    As a result of this episode and being made aware of the special nature of the products, we decided to order products last fall. I guess you could say we were sold; and the seemingly exclusive discount to save on an order was convincing as well.

    However, soon after our order, within a couple of days, there was an even larger discount on all products! So the original discount was not so exclusive as it was promoted to be.

    Questions we had:
    Why were we not offered the larger discount? Why were we not informed of a forthcoming larger discount the same week/days of our order?
    Why could we not get a credit back to equate to the larger discount?

    Also, had we known about, and been offered the best pricing to begin with (which we were mistakenly led to believe was the 20% off but it was not true) we would have purchased MORE than the $180 we spent on products!

    We attempted to get service help on this from Vital Pet Health, but got a lukewarm, aloof reply that pricing and discounts were attributed to ”corporate” policy.

    Ah…so we got the impersonal ”corporate” decision answer.
    Who cares about the customer, is how we interpret this – profit is the driver for this company, just like so many other white coat influenced companies.

    Well, you lost future profit from this family. You got 180 out of us – hope you are happy with it, because never again. That was it for us.

    From companies and individuals who are not part of the traditional white coat model, we expect communication and treatment that DIFFERS from the traditional white coat model.

  3. Ann on January 14, 2022 at 7:12 pm

    Hi Dr. Falconer,

    Do you have an updated “Insider Immune Protocol” using this new liquid canine immune product? I’m specifically looking for the hypothyroid protocol and the cancer protocol. Thank you!

  4. Hazel on November 12, 2021 at 6:10 pm

    I’ve been giving this to my 9-month-old for about 3 months now. The only vaccinations she has are the ones the breeder gave her before I got her. I don’t plan on vaccinating further, but this girl goes for daily walks, and by many accounts, should’ve gotten Parvo by now. Not the case.
    I do have a question – is this something she should be on forever? Or is it early-life / end-of-life, or only if she has problems? She is raw-fed, and sees a holistic vet.

    • Will Falconer, DVM on November 20, 2021 at 9:48 pm

      Hey Hazel,

      I think immune support is a lifetime helper, though I also know taking weekends off works equally well as daily dosing. Ditto for Detox, especially in our increasingly polluted world. I don’t even stop that one on the weekends. I feel it when I do, actually (stiffer, less “clear headed,” etc.)

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