Homeopathic Emergency
Remedy Kits for Animals
(and People!)

Be Prepared!

I’ve come across an exceptionally good deal on an emergency remedy kit I’d like to see in every animal owner’s home. If you’ve ever had an emergency as a client and worked with your homeopathic vet on it, you’ll know that often, with a brief conversation on the phone, together you can figure out what remedy your animal needs to help him through the difficulty.

Then what? Well, if you are like my client Judy, and you have your remedy kit with you in the wilds of Colorado, and your dog has diarrhea from drinking Giardia-laden mountain stream water, you hang up the phone and give the remedy your vet suggested from your kit.

Judy’s dog Nick went back to normal within hours of giving the correct remedy!

The beauty of this kit is that it has fifty remedies that cover the majority of emergency situations you or your pet might ever encounter. They are packed in a well built small case that can fit in your purse or glove compartment for easy transport.

When trouble strikes, you call your homeopathic vet, discuss the symptoms you are seeing, and you have the remedy at your fingertips without having to run to the store or waste valuable time.

And forget about expensive, stressful trips to the emergency clinic — nine times out of ten, emergencies can be handled at home with proper guidance. Injuries, shock, urinary blockages, intoxication, vomiting, bee stings, burns — all these and more can be successfully cured with homeopathy at home.

(Do the math: if you save one trip to the emergency clinic, you’ve paid for this kit…)

Have your own homeopathic pharmacy at home (and abroad)!

These emergency remedy kits are made for me by the main homeopathic pharmacy I use, and, well-stored, should last you a lifetime. A pamphlet explaining common uses for each remedy is included with each kit. The potency is 30C, very safe, but very effective.

As these are all human homeopathic remedies (like all those that I prescribe for your animals), you can feel free to try them on your two-legged loved ones or yourself.

I have carried mine overseas several times and gotten myself out of giardia, acute food poisoning, injuries, and jet lag, and helped others out of motion sickness, grief, colds, and cramps.

If you have this kit and a good book, like Homeopathic Medicine at Home, by Dr. Panos, you can treat lots of problems on your own in the comfort of your home. And you can easily bring it on the plane, in the car, or in your pack.

Here’s a picture that’ll give you an idea of what you’ll receive when you order this fine kit. Fifty (50) remedies in alphabetical order, an index in the cover, and (not shown) a sheet with common indications for each remedy, for example:

Arsenicum: NAUSEA, DIARRHEA, vomiting, especially in relation to having eaten spoiled food; anxiety and restlessness; POISONING, from chemicals.

Gelsemium: FLUS and COLDS with weakness, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, and heavy eyelids; effects of fright or excitement; performance anxiety.

and everyones’ favorite “entry drug:”

Arnica: TRAUMA, physical and emotional; bruising, achiness and injuries from physical exertion; pre and post operation; effects of dental work, sport, childbirth, etc.; colds and flu.

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