Our animals live in a toxic world as do we

There are certain times when it's really appropriate to assist your animal in detoxing, the "inner cleanse" that we can all use now and again.

These would include:

  • Coming off a run of drugs your vet prescribed
  • Ending the "arms race" with fleas and ticks and opting for a non-toxic approach
  • Stopping the heartworm drugs and wanting to help Suzie's system to eliminate them
  • After exposure to an environmental toxin (an herbicide sprayed lawn, for example)
  • After ingestion of something toxic (Bowser got into some human meds, for example)
  • Overdoing it on treats, or worse yet, breaking into the food storage and pigging out!
  • Or, most simply, just a good old "spring cleaning!"

p.s. this protocol most definitely helps the morning after alcohol poisoning <cough>

The beauty of using a homeopathic remedy for this is that it's a gentle and easy approach.

No purging or discomfort, no need to fast or push lots of water drinking (hard to do anyway, with a dog!).

As the remedy I recommend is in ultra-dilution, it's very safe and no harm is expected.

So, give this a go! It's easy to do and will cost you about $5 or less in materials.

Happy cleansing!