Damage in the name of "prevention" is all too common…

…and is 100% Unacceptable!

You clearly want to do what's best for your animal. I get it.

That's just not possible if you turn your health decisions over entirely to Dr. WhiteCoat, who has his own agenda.

Thinking people realize early on they've got to be smart about consuming what's offered in the name of prevention today.

Nowhere is this caution more true than with vaccination.

That's why I put this low cost course together for you.

You can no longer afford to blindly follow prevention advice from your conventional vet (aka Dr. WhiteCoat).

Especially on vaccinations (a substantial contributor to the bottom line of most vet practices).

Join me in the Smart Vaccine Alternatives course to discover what homeopathy and Mother Nature have that beat vaccination hands down for both safety and efficacy.

You'll have pre-recorded videos, a special audio interview (with one of my homeopathic vet heroes), and a recorded masterclass where I answered many common questions that people have around this critical area of "over-prevention" that often wreaks havoc on your loved one's health (and on your budget!).

My Vaccine Decision Flowchart

My Vaccine Decision Flowchart is just one piece of this course that helps you decide in a moment if you need vaccines or other measures to work on your animals’ immunity.

It’s yours to download free when you sign up for Smart Vaccine Alternatives!

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I’m desperate for reliable information and so far your teachings are the most trustworthy and accessible. Thank you, Doctor.

Yvette Sabin - Dedicated student

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I’ve taken a couple of your courses and are grateful for them, I’m using homeopathy, organic oil and herbs, vitamins for my family and am starting to use them on my animals, but I need your help, please keep teaching!

Cara - Rescuer, seeing the damage done by vaccines

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