Risky Path

There are some things that will, predictably, cause illness in your animals.

Most of these are commonly recommended by Dr. WhiteCoat.

When your goal is a Vital Animal, who’s with you for many, many healthy years, you must be smart about these things.

Take advantage of my insider’s perspective here to keep your animal out of the quicksand.

Vital Born

We love vital animalsAnimals come into life with most of this vitality intact. The decisions you make on their behalf can either enhance this vitality or damage it.

They are dependent on your wise choices for their health and well being.

I’ve been in the veterinary field for over four decades now and over three decades of that have been in holistic medicine.

That’s given me a true insider’s perspective. I’ve seen, first hand, what goes wrong when you follow the main stream, conventional medical path.

You can do better.  I’ll help you be smarter than that.

Joy Embodied

Few things in life bring as much simple joy as healthy animals who live with us.

And the longer, the better, when they are well.

Growing up with dogs, I don’t remember them being sick. They were always there, full of love and wags whenever I showed up.

Nobody did it better in my family. And we all loved those dogs to pieces.

And we were sad when they each finally died.

Horses came later, and helped shape my manhood from adolescence as I escaped to a YMCA camp every chance I could to hang out with these amazingly sentient 1000 pound creatures.

Leaving city life behind and drowning myself in the beauty of the Wisconsin countryside with a herd of 40-odd horses shaped me in ways that I’m still thankful for today.

And again, I never saw much sickness in this herd, in ten years of being intimately involved with them.

A Cautionary Tail

Advanced Skin Disease

Tired of dealing. (A past patient of mine).

And now, as a homeopathic vet with 40 plus years of practice under my belt, I’m seeing a lot of sick dogs. And cats, horses, and others, animal owners included.

A skewed sample? Sure it is. I hang my shingle out to heal the sick, so that’s what I see.

But something alarms me about the many animals I see that are sick. They all seem to have a common thread to their illnesses.

They were:

Made sick by the best of intentions

More to the point:

Man’s interventions made them ill.

And most of those interventions came from my profession, unfortunately.

But the silver lining to this dark cloud is this:

You have a choice of partaking in this intervention or refusing it.
You as a consumer can say “Yes, please!” or “No, thank you.” to everything offered to you on behalf of our animals.

With what I now know, I can help you stay on a higher path with your animals.

You can avoid the pitfalls and traps that I see that took my patients from their inherent vibrant wellness to something far from it.

We’ll begin our cautious hike with the biggest influence of illness of them all: vaccinations.

While touted by some as one of mankind’s great achievements, walk with me while I point out the dangers inherent in this seemingly helpful procedure.

This will be your most significant decision on behalf of your Vital Animals, bar none.

I want you to be able to take the higher, fully informed path on your animals’ behalf when Dr. WhiteCoat recommends something that seems good on the surface.

Ready to plunge onward? Start here: Vaccinations