Modern Medicine’s Dirty Secret: We Can’t Cure Disease

Medicine’s Fundamental Flaw

First, we’d better define cure, hadn’t we?

It turns out, homeopathy has done an excellent job of this, and every serious course of homeopathic study includes it.

Cure: the permanent restoration of health.

Cure means:

  • the disease is eliminated
  • the “whole patient” improves (feels better, looks brighter, has more energy to play, etc.)
  • this betterment lasts without the continued use of medicines

If you’ve been around modern conventional medicine for any length of time and have your eyes open, you’ll not see this outcome from its use.


You see, modern medicine cannot cure patients. Not in the true sense. Never has, never will.

Lessons Learned in Practice

When I first hung out my practice shingle out in homeopathic vet medicine in the early 90’s, it didn’t take long to see a common presentation in my animals:

  • My patient had been sick a long time, months, or more often, years
  • Much expense had been exhausted in trying to fix the illness
  • Much time had been spent on tests, treatments, and more treatments
  • Regardless of time and expense, my patient was Still. Not. Well. (That’s why they showed up in my practice.)

First Lesson: Conventional Medicine Cannot Cure Disease

This became obvious, within the first year of opening my doors. At best, the disease was sort of being controlled as long as the drugs continued to be used. The dog or cat or horse was surely still suffering from the disease, and symptoms may have lessened.

A bit.

But they were far from well. Far from Vital.

And, it all got worse if they stopped the drugs. In fact, their illness was slowly getting worse even while on the drugs!

What only became clear some time later was scarier:

Second Lesson: Most Disease is Man Made.
Often in the Name of Prevention!

The patient’s history told this sad story, over and over again.

  • “He always stopped eating and acted sick around the first of every month.”
  • “She’s been itching madly since she got her puppy shots. Not right away, but it started about a month later.”
  • “I walked in with a normal healthy dog, and after spaying and vaccinating, she’s had horrible ear infections! And now they’re saying her thyroid is no longer working!”
  • “My dog’s horrible itch finally ended when I started him on Apoquel. But now, it’s not working as well and I’m noticing more tumors popping up all over!”

Name the Beast: Chronic Disease

The other thing I learned, especially during my homeopathic training, is that the diseases of our day, be they animal or human, are mostly chronic ones.

Chronic disease lingers. Maddeningly. Bothersome symptoms (Itching! Painful, inflamed ears! Sore joints, etc.) that just don’t go away.

Months turn into years.

And, while present, chronic disease just drains the enthusiasm out of you, out of your animal.

Heart disease, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, allergies, arthritis, digestive upsets, autoimmune diseases, they all wear the sick down. Make them too tired to play. Act like a brake on their normally free wheeling vitality.

The “ultimates” many succumb to now (one in two dogs over six) is cancer.

Their counterpart, the acute diseases, are relatively rare.

They are, by definition:

  • Brief
  • Self-limiting

Think of the cold or flu in you. Or a sprain in your over-eager dog. A laceration in your horse who just didn’t see that barbed wire until she hit it. The hornet stings your cat sustained when she dug into that busy hole in the grass.

[By the way, acute disease is very easily treated with homeopathy, and you can learn to do this yourself. Click here to learn how.]

Why (Smart!) Prevention is Key

With the numbers of chronically ill patients spiraling upwards and the seriousness of their outcomes growing in the past several decades, it’s become apparent that the greatest importance has to be placed on prevention.

But not the usual prevention, which is clearly causing these maddening diseases.

The dog sick at the beginning of every month? Her owner finally realized it was the heartworm meds.

The maddening itch after the puppy shots? The vaccines are responsible. The correlation often missed unless one knows it often doesn’t start for a month.

Neutering and vaccinating and now allergic inflamed ears and a malfunctioning thyroid? All too common, the combination of “instant menopause” and “immune confusion” causes widespread mayhem [Neuter or Not? And When?].

The shortcomings of even the much touted “miracle drugs” like Apoquel? An all-too familiar refrain. Before Apoquel, we saw it with Atopica, prednisone, and in cats especially, DepoMedrol.

Too Late for Prevention! Henny is Sick! For Months!

I hear you. This is the commonest scenario you tell me about. You got Henny stuck in that awful profit machine, and she’s come out damaged. After months of drugs and vet visits, there’s really no light visible at the end this tunnel, and Henny is suffering (while you slowly empty your bank account).

When I answer your distress call, it usually sounds like this:

  • This is chronic disease.
  • Conventional WhiteCoat medicine cannot cure it.
  • It’s also most likely not DIY (do it yourself).
  • You could try a major diet change (get off kibble and onto raw food)
    Raw food can often help. But not always.

My Best Advice: Hire a trained Veterinary Homeopath. Curing chronic disease is possible with homeopathy, but it still takes time and close attention to details over multiple appointments.

I’ve recently put up a video on how to search out the best veterinary homeopath.
Here’s how.

Tell it Like it Is

I realized recently a great question that brings light to the fundamental difference between the natural approach to prevention and the usual toxic and dangerous medical one:

The longer my patients are using my drug-free protocol for heartworm prevention, the healthier they become!

Now, can you say the same about your monthly pill or annual vaccinations?”

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen either side of this equation: chronic illness coming after conventional, supposedly preventative medicine or the repair and renewal of health from turning to a more natural path.

I know I’m not alone, and your voice helps others realize they are not either.

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  1. Juliana Pavelka-Johnston on May 27, 2022 at 7:25 am

    Dr. Will

    DITTO! Dr. Pat was just lecturing on Rabbies, and Dr. Dee joined in with Julia hosting on DNM Elite.

    Were your ears burning? Yup, we mentioned you dearly. I passed on this article because “sharing is caring”, in the spirit of you and all our Awesome mentors who teach us the “right path, the natural path” to walk.

    Hugs Dr. Will

    Merlin is doing well, so is my other hound Artemus, and I now have a westie to my Pack too:) ( His name is Toughie)

    • Will Falconer, DVM on May 28, 2022 at 7:36 am

      Sweet, Juliana. So glad you’re getting several minds all contributing to your natural path.

  2. Sandra Todd on May 15, 2022 at 8:59 am

    Thanks for a great article. I have been down this path for many years with many foster dogs and the dogs I adopted which all had challenging health issues. I have been banned from 3 vets offices and quit several on my own. I was never rude or nasty to any of these Vets, just firm in my convictions. One threatened to turn me in for animal abuse because I refused his meds and treatments. I have an integrative Vet now who, while not optimal, does some Eastern practices and accepts my convictions. My take from all of this is, for me, less Veterinary intervention is better. When I think back on all of my dogs and their problems, none of them were solved by the Vet and I actually think many of my dogs suffered needlessly from many of the Veterinary treatments, surgeries, and medicines. I have researched so much over the years and now have a cupboard full of homeopathic remedies which I use for my dogs and myself. I feed mainly raw, but I have to be flexible as I have a little poodle who is very picky. My dogs think kibble is a treat – much like kids who have been raised on a healthy diet getting and loving some junk food! Thank you to Dr. Will and all the other holistic Vets out there who share this vital info with us.

    • Will Falconer, DVM on May 15, 2022 at 10:37 pm

      I applaud you for holding to your convictions, Sandra! Not easy, certainly, and finding a vet who will honor them is key.

      “Animal abuse!??” Don’t get me started on what parts of conventional vet medicine would neatly fit under that banner! We’d easily put annual vaccinations at the top of that list: all profit, zero science!

  3. Honor Bright on November 6, 2016 at 1:34 am

    What a awesome resource ‘’ is. I just love it!
    My current dog, Roxie, a ‘rescue’ was vaccinated when I adopted her as a 2 year old. She is now 8 years old and despite heaps of pressure I’ve not been prepared to pay for this to happen again. ( My dog before Roxie suffered a great deal via veterinary advice and action). I will not let it happen again.
    I’m challenged when I want to get her looked after, when I go away, as kennels require vaccination certification. But I’ve found a local woman who believes in a homeopathic vaccination nosode which I’ve sourced from a NZ homeopath.
    Her diet is bone broth, veggies, raw beef, chicken or lamb, sardines 3 x weekly & a raw organic egg 3 x wkly. Plus a supplement for joints. Her coat changed colour and darkened when I started her on this diet 6 years ago.

  4. Beth on July 15, 2016 at 10:07 am

    I have also found Jean Dodds Nutriscan testing to be very helpful in formulating a diet that was appropriate for my dogs.

    • Kirsten Miller on October 4, 2018 at 12:47 pm

      I’m looking at this too. How helpful have you found it to be?

  5. Nora on July 13, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    I noticed this was true a long time back, but didn’t know where to turn for healing. Dr. whitecoat stated, “cures aren’t obtainable.” They aren’t through HIS model, which is of course destined to be an epic fail one day in the near future when the message reaches enough people to cause a paradigm shift. The sooner, the better. It just goes to show you, don’t blindly accept anything you’re told as truth, question everything! Dig until you discern what’s baloney and what’s valid in this system where everything they ever told us is a lie…for profit.

  6. Dawn Schneider on July 12, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Loved the article! Thanks for taking the time to educate and help me really understand what I already believed.

  7. Karen Anderson on July 12, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    I am currently helping Humane Society to foster dogs that need rehab due to surgery or illness. Keeping very detailed diet plan and herbal remedies that I provided to the dog and if asked, will share the info.
    Some of the people are actually going the natural route. Many of them know about the rescue remedy, and using them. I think the tide might be changing.
    Currently helping a homeless pit bull who has been shot in the jaw and so the vet put a splint in his mouth and he needs rehab (soft food) for a month. He has been with me for about a week and doing great so the vet asked me to bring him in for recheck. Will bring him in soon.
    When he first came to me, he has discharges from the mouth and also a lot of problem with breathing and coughing and sinus drainage. That all disappear with mainly raw food (refused all raw vegetable or fruit I so have to give him some cooked ones), herbal medicine and exercise.
    I know you mentioned Arsenicum, have you tried Berberis before? That’s what the Chinese like to use.

  8. P_Smith on July 12, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    I know these things are curable, I just went through this with my dog.
    My dog is 9 years old and has had seasonal allergies since she was 1 1/2 (which coincidentally developed only a couple months after her , late, booster shot). She would get terrible allergies with weeping hot spots around her eyes that would become infected and swollen. Within a couple weeks of the trees budding her eyelids were so swollen the eyelashes would turn into the eyes. Spent over a thousand dollars at the vet in the first two years just trying to heal those corneas! Tried vet prescribed allergy ‘food’ which did nothing but make her fur brittle and dull and she HATED it. Got referred to a dermatologist and payed over $200 for her to basically say ‘I want to allergy test at $800, but we’ll have to do it in the winter. We’ll shave her back and make her go out in -30 C snow-world without a sweater, cause that’ll mess up the results, and there’s the chance it’ll fail so then we’ll do it again for another $800, and then it’ll be $400 a year for the shots. . .’ As much as I love my dog, I have to be realistic. All that money pouring out of me, I might as well start up a kennel! So she didn’t get allergy tested (which I’m glad now anyway because it’s pretty much a waste of money) and I put her on prednisone, and while that took the itchies away, when she was on it, she was miserable. She was lethargic and she’d have accidents in the house, and this is a dog who would rather implode than have an accident, and her urine smelled weird. And when she got a bladder infection a couple years ago that I couldn’t get rid of for months despite antibiotics, and she got fleas in an area where I have never had fleas before, I knew I was frying her kidneys and the prednisone had to stop. It took two really rough spring, summer and falls but I changed her diet to prey model, and washed those eyes many, many, many times a day with caladuala tea, all the while saying if those eyelashes turned I’d have to go back to the vet. But they didn’t turn, and while we went through about three different plastic cones during that time, thanks to homeopathy, and I know it was the homeopathy because I tried and tried every supplement and she’s been raw fed for over four years, she is now 95% better. This year there has been no cone, no steroids, no drugs from Dr.Whitecoat, no constant washing of wounds, no wounds at all actually. She got a little bit bald around the eyes and insides of her legs, but the skin stayed white and within a couple weeks it all grew back in. Oh, and the best part, she plays like she’s four years old again. No more spring time funk!

    • Darci Michaels on July 12, 2016 at 2:44 pm

      Great turn around! I love Homeopathy. Not so much Dr. Whitecoat’s meds. Good for you choosing what you did to turn your dog around!

  9. Miles on July 12, 2016 at 4:24 am

    Hey Doc!
    My folks have had me on Allercept allergie drops for over a year. First it worked, now this spring and summer, not so much….
    Luckily they didn’t go the Apoquel route and took a more natural approach. But what are your thoughts on this kind of treatment?

    • Terry on July 13, 2016 at 5:50 pm

      Miles, I’m not a Homeopath or a Doctor. Just a regular person that tries to live as naturally as I can and does a lot of studying.
      My suggestion is to take a TBS or more of raw local wildflower honey. I must be local, as the hives are within 30 miles of your home. I’ve been using this for years not and one of my dogs that used to chew the heck out of her paws every spring and fall.
      Try it. It can’t hurt!
      Good luck!

  10. Mary Marseglia on July 12, 2016 at 1:36 am

    Great article again Dr. Falconer! Hopefully a homeopathic vet such as yourself or others could help dogs & cats with these types of problems with remedies. You don’t mention any as examples or if you had cases like this, that you actually cured or at least helped a great deal.
    I hope you never retire 🙂 but we all know eventually that will happen and what will we do without you!? Thanks again.

  11. nancy brown on July 10, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    Yes Dr. Will, I have seen both sides of the equation: chronic disease in human and pet family members and then wellness when going the alternative route.
    I have only recently realized how we have all been conditioned to accept chronic illness as the norm, or at least as an inevitable part of life, and conventional medical practices as the answer to illness, despite the fact that, as you say, they do not actually cure chronic illness.
    All my dogs from childhood suffered with many different ailments, all ending up with cancer, and we just figured that was normal for dogs. I can’t tell you how much money was spent addressing all the health issues, and none of the “treatments’ ever came close to curing them.
    The same thing occurred in my own life, never feeling completely well and my well-meaning physician prescribing and referring, but not able to actually cure me. It has taken going down the so-called “alternative” route in order to turn my health around.
    I feel I am finally finding the answers I have been seeking for both myself and the animals in my life, and that good health is actually attainable.

    • Sue Marston on July 14, 2016 at 7:45 pm

      Thank you. Excellent article.

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