Immunity Left to Chance Fails

Immunity is too important to leave to chance

immunity is best not left to chanceYour animals count on you to keep them well, and this area of immunity is one that often goes wrong.

In my veterinary practice, I see the “train wrecks” when immunity is left to chance:

  • The itchy, allergic dogs and cats, who chew, scratch, and lick their way to denuded, even bloody skin, and keep their owners up at night.
  • The dogs who are attacking their own cells, ending up in the ER for transfusions at 3 a.m. when their immune systems mistake red blood cells for foreigners to be broken down and digested.
  • The horses who founder and are so lame they can’t stand on their forelegs, coincident with a round of vaccinations.
  • The animals with tumors that grow under the skin, in the abdomen, the brain, even in the immune system itself!

When most of this can be prevented, simply and cheaply compared to the cost of dealing with the disease, you’d be foolish not to prevent it, right?

Enter Transfer Factor, by 4Life Research

This natural, potent set of molecules, discovered in human white blood cells back in 1949, does something very significant for your animals and family, and it does this better than anything it’s been put up against.

Transfer Factor turns the immune system ON.
Makes it efficient, balanced, and fully functional.

How does ON look?

Arrow - GreenWhen your animal is young, Transfer Factor heightens the “on guard” immune stance that helps identify the invaders that are brand new to the neophyte. Viruses in the air or on the ground, bacteria in the stool along the trail or in the box stall, giardia in the steam. Keeps your youngsters out of the ER.

Arrow - GreenYour middle aged or older animal now has a higher likelihood of dying of cancer than any other disease. Transfer Factor has helped turn my cancer patients around, and can prevent your animal from ever getting this horrible disease.

Arrow - GreenIf you’re like me, you don’t have time to get sick yourself. When people around me are dropping like flies from the latest flu going around, I double or triple my Transfer Factor dose, boost my immunity, and avoid it. I haven’t had a flu in more years than I can remember.


Immunity easily gotten from a natural supplement



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Evidence from My Patients.

In my busy practice, it’s not unusual that patients have to wait to get in. It’s just the way it is. There are, unfortunately, not enough veterinary homeopaths practicing it full time like I am.

Capiche was a little dog whose owner called from another state to ask me if I treated lymphosarcoma.

Gulp. Cancer of the immune system. Always the cancer that’s concerned me most, as we count on that very immune system to fight the cancer!

I apologized, explaining that the “inn was full,” at that point (I had no room for another cancer patient for some weeks, likely) but told her about the 4Life transfer factor protocol I use for cancer.

[This, by the way, is included in your Free Bonus Report when you buy it from me]


Cecilia started Capiche on the products right away, ordering with overnight delivery, so as to not waste any time.

As I was busy with homeopathic patients, I often forgot about Capiche, as I’d never even met her, and wasn’t prescribing homeopathically for her. But now and again, I’d get a hopeful email.

“Her glands are just about down to normal now, and she’s feeling great.”

“Glands are normal, she’s eating fine, maintaining her weight, and enjoying life”


Her glands, typical of most lymphosarcoma dogs, were enlarged all over her body when I first heard of her disease. Under her jaw, in her armpits, her groin, behind her knees, etc. All the usual places lymph nodes are located.

A Stay of Sentence

Well, long story short, Capiche went on, with nothing else but a clean diet and 4Life Transfer Factor, to have an unexpected 8 months of good quality life before she finally succumbed to her disease. Her cancer only got the better of her towards the end. Cecilia was very grateful for the extra quality time she had with Capiche.

I often use products myself before I recommend them to my clients or patients. Transfer Factor is one of those examples. When I saw it’s long history of research, stemming back to the late 40’s, and read about it’s mode of action, I immediately signed on to distribute it. And started taking it. That was 8 or 10 years ago, I’ve lost track now. It’s kept me personally out of so much illness, I’d never be without it.

Kids, Animals: No Making This Up

MD’s were using it to good effect in kids. Usually a good sign, eliminating the placebo effect, just like animals do. Both kids and animals either get better or don’t, and they let you know very clearly if something didn’t work.

David Markowitz, M.D. gave it for a year to kids in his pediatric practice with the following outcomes:

  • 84% reduction in antibiotic use
  • 74% reduction in reported illness

In all, 88 kids used the product, and were compared to matched cohorts who did not. No ill effects were reported. Estimated cost savings (including office visits, medical care, and drug costs) were over $25,000! Pretty good chunk of change, again pointing to the “gram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure,” adage (okay, I did update that just a bit…).

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The Russians Are Coming!

In 2004, Russian researchers came to the US and studied 4Life’s Transfer Factor. They are, as a people, often at the forefront of immune system research. Their “gold standard,” called interleukin 2, was both expensive and toxic at high doses, but did good things for the immune response.

But when they came to the US and compared the immune response of interleukin to that of transfer factor, they were blown away. The results were so impressive (437% increase in Natural Killer cell activity over baseline!), that they went home and made it available in their national hospital system (how’s that for health care options?).

The Russians also appreciated the fact that there was no toxic dose for the transfer factor. It can be dosed safely at any level without risk. To small kids, young animals, or seniors and everyone in between.

Made by Nature

When you need a supplement for your animals or your family, you want it to be from a natural source whenever possible. I certainly do.

That way, you know this isn’t someone’s invention, that might, years down the road, be discovered to have toxicity or mutate cells. Transfer factors occur in colostrum, egg yolk, white blood cells, and other natural sources.

What 4Life Research has done so brilliantly was to purify it from those natural sources (cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk), concentrate the potency, and purify out the potentially allergy causing parts.

Those with dairy allergies can take it freely. Those with egg allergies have the original “Classic” product available that has no egg source in it. Both will make remarkable boosts in your immune response, and that of your animals.

So the question arises…What if a new paradigm existed?  Could it be possible to optimize the immune status of animals so that (1) disease is much less likely to occur and (2) if disease does occur, it’s severity and duration is minimized?  The answer is YES and this paradigm shift is being engineered by small, naturally occurring protein-like molecules called TRANSFER FACTORS.”
Richard H. Bennett, Ph.D.

1+1 = 5

When you find a good thing and improve upon it, I’m all ears. 4Life took the potent transfer factors, and found they boosted a particular immune response, that of the Natural Killer cells, by 200% over controls.

These NK cells are the first line of defense in immunity in animals and humans. They greedily go after invaders and elaborate natural chemicals that make short work of the bad guys.

But 4Life researchers then found even more dramatic effects when they added other known immune boosters, like reishi and shiitake and cordyceps mushrooms.

The result for us, in the user world, is an out-of-the-park raising of the immune response by a whopping 437%. That’s what the kids in the MD’s study took, and what kept them in school instead of home sick with earaches and colds.

Kids, animals, again: not too different in my mind. They both get down in the dirt, rub shoulders with peers who may be grubbier than they are, and don’t come to potty training automatically! If it works in them this well, that’s good evidence it’ll work in anybody.

Works In Any Body?

That’s another neat finding of the research behind transfer factors: they work equally well in any species, whether they originated in the cow or the chicken.

So, cow transfer factor can help a foal get a good start in life. Can help an older dog avoid cancer. And can help a school kid stay out of earaches and in school. I wish my parents had known about this when I was growing up!

Road Tested

My patients and I have put this transfer factor to the test.

Which means you don’t have to.

It’s been purified to give just the most potent immune boosting fraction.

Which means no dairy allergies, the allergens are purified out.

It’s recommended by MD’s, not usually the fastest to leave the conventional medical model.

So you know it’s safe for your pets, your kids, your mom, you.

Get this into your animals, your kids, your parents, and your body without delay.

Prevention: Timing is Everything

We live in an increasingly small world. Flu can circle the globe now in hours. And from my own experience, it pays to have TF in place before illness strikes.

I was taking TF Plus routinely, the product I’m recommending for your animals and your loved ones, when a flu caught my neighbor Jan off her game. I knew I had been exposed, but I felt no symptoms of getting sick.

I gave Jan a bottle of TF Plus to try to beat her flu. She’d never taken it before, but gratefully gave it a go, at a high dose, like I recommended.

Too late. She had very little benefit and had to miss work for a day or two while she recovered. I realized the difference right then:

My immune system had been “primed” before the flu showed up in our neighborhood. Jan was playing “catch up,” and her flu won the race.

In my Free Bonus, Insider Immune Protocols, I’ll tell you how to dose your dog, cat, kids, and yourself, how to use TF preventatively and how to step up your game when an illness is nearby.

I’ll even share with you my Cancer Protocol, like I used in Capiche and many other patients. This product has actually been used successfully to avoid surgery in women with fibroid tumors in their reproductive tracts. I’ll tell you what doses were successfully used.

Easy Ordering with a 30 Day Guarantee

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Join me in saying goodbye to the flu forever, and keep your loved ones out of the train wreck that is immunity left to chance.

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It’s not every day that medical doctors get interested in something from Nature for their patients, right? I usually find myself at odds with most conventional medical types. So, when I saw several M.D.’s reporting successful use of the 4Life products in their patients, my interest was doubly piqued.

And, as I mentioned, kids having results is worth much more to me than adults reporting benefit, because kids don’t know what a placebo effect is. They, like my animal patients, are either going to get better after a treatment or not, depending entirely upon whether it works or doesn’t!

This man works “in the trenches” of real world practice, just like me:

We continue to suggest 4Life Transfer Factor or 4Life Transfer Factor Kids to all our small patients and their families.  4Life Transfer Factor has a dramatic postive effect on our kids’ immune systems. It is THE immune booster I recommend to all our patients.” David Markowitz, M.D.

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