4Life Research no longer makes Transfer Factor for Animals

Their Loss, Your Gain!

Without so much as a warning to me, a distributor for 10+ years, or to you who’ve been counting on this excellent 100% natural immune booster for prevention as well as immune bolstering for your sick animals, Canine and Feline Complete just disappeared.

A fellow distributor told me she was at the annual 4Life convention. There was zero mention of the entire animal health line going defunct as soon as their existing stock sells out.

Talk about a big serving of sour lemons!

But, undaunted, I took those lemons and…

I made some great lemonade!

…and it’s ready for you now!

I banded together with a top natural supplement maker (who knows Ayurvedic herbs like I know homeopathy) and we’ve got an even better alternative to 4Life’s now defunct canine product. It’s called Motherboard.

We’re currently providing this to dogs via our new sister company called Venjenz.

UPDATE: Our Motherboard is for Cats, Too!

And we've made an even better version of human transfer factor combination product, made with all natural, non-synthetic ingredients.

We’ve been hearing encouraging reports from customers whose dogs have itchy allergic skin, and we fully expect more serious autoimmune diseases and even cancer to benefit from our new products.

What’s Next?

Right now WE’RE SHIPPING!!

To get your own Canine and Feline (and People) Motherboard on the way, please click the buttons to order now:

Stay tuned. We’re all super excited to be bringing such a fine supplement line to you and your animals! 

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