How to Review My Podcast

You want to help? Awesome!

My goal is to have the Vital Animal Podcast easily “found” when people are looking for podcasts to listen to. You can greatly help me get more visible when you do two things, all in a matter of about two minutes:

  1. Subscribe to the show. That means you’ll automatically get it on to your phone each time a new episode goes live.
  2. Rate & Review the show.

iPhone users:

I shot a short video on my iPhone that walks you through the process. If you have another kind of phone, scroll down, as it’ll be a bit different for you.

First, how to get where you need to be (click that button below):

Listen on Apple Podcasts
Then, watch a quick video on how to review on your iPhone. Two minutes to do this, and it has a huge impact.

Other phones or your Windows computer:

First, from either your Android or other smart phone or your computer, Spotify is your best bet.

Clicking the button below will open Vital Animal Podcast on Spotify:

Listen on Spotify

When you get there, you should be able to listen and Follow, though not leave a review. That’s okay! Listen away, and if you Follow the show, you’ll also get notice of when each new episode goes live. Good?

Thanks again for helping this podcast get found and listened to!

Lots more coming after these initial episodes, which, if you haven’t heard them yet, well, what are you waiting for?

Load the podcast up on your phone, get those critters out in the sunshine and gain some wisdom as you do other things.

Have some friends who might want to help, too? Those little share buttons down there are just itching for your mouse click…

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