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Hi, I'm Dr Will Falconer
Certified Veterinary Homeopath


“Doctor” translates as teacher. That role became fully obvious to me as I repeatedly saw how your animals were being harmed by what conventional medicine calls “prevention.”

Too many vaccines, poisons for every pest, and food that you’d never dream of eating yourself, all sold to you promising to make you a “good pet parent.”

In my decades in homeopathic practice, the animals lined up at my door when that approach had failed them.

And, sad to say, they often appeared after you’d spent thousands trying to fix the damage done.

But you're here now. Bravo!

If you’d like to do better for those innocents in your care, let’s get started, shall we?

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How can I help you?

Raising truly healthy Vital Animals takes learning wise choices.
Let a veterinary insider guide you.

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A Great Beginning

First empowering steps to get your pet moving down the Natural Path. Act from a strong base of understanding of these fundamentals.

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Helpful Blog Articles

Useful natural rearing tips, cautions on risky drugs, and critical thinking on Dr. WhiteCoat's misguided "prevention"

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Natural Resources

Carefully chosen tools, foods, books, and safe products to help you keep your animal VITAL.

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Online Courses

Your chance to go deep with Dr. Falconer on subjects that have the biggest impact on your animals.

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Vital Animal Podcast

This is the podcast for you if you want to raise an above-average animal. 

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Immune Path

Exceptional supplements that keep your animal's immune system well informed and ready to respond to challenges appropriately.

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VitalAnimal.com has been like a life vest in a sea of ignorance and misplaced intentions from veterinarians. It's wonderful to know you are making good choices for your pets and to have the data behind those choices to help you persevere.

Thank you Dr. Falconer for the tidbits, blog and classes but most of all your unwavering dedication to vital animals. All my pack are much better for having found this site and implemented natural rearing practices.

Kelly Hall

& Ranger

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Dr Falconer's wisdom is the bright light in the darkness of conventional veterinary medicine -which is so often more interested in making money than in healing our pets or ensuring they live long and happy lives. I am so grateful for his online courses and vital animal website. 

As a devoted dog-Mom of Brittanys and Dachshunds, I use what I have learned from Dr. Falconer every day. I only wish more people knew what I now know. I am extremely grateful.

Carolyn Allgeier

& Rocco

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Carolyn Allgeier
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