#28 Are You Making This Common Mistake?

Some things are time-sensitive, but biology rarely follows the calendar, especially when we speak of immunity in you or your animals.

Does immunity slowly “empty out,” like a gas tank, and need “refilling” at a year or three?

Listen in as I give you the info you need to see through the marketing that is often masked as “Your pet is DUE for xyz vaccines! Make your appointment today!”

This episode is inspired, as is much of my world, by questions I get from you, my listeners. Maggie is a 14-year-old dog, adopted at age 10, and Carolyn has been told she’s up against a hard calendar deadline.

Oh oh.

When you get clear on what I’m sharing with you in this episode, you’ll grow in confidence and know better how to respond responsibly to such notices.

And, I’ll answer Carolyn’s question about how to prime Maggie’s immune system to better withstand the immune confusion that comes from most vaccination events.

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Have you felt "calendar pressure" from your vet?

Has this helped you gain perspective on what "Due!" really means?

Tell us, so no one feels alone here.

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  1. Shelli on August 31, 2023 at 10:16 am

    I am appalled at how many people comply to nonsense. When did we as a human race stop thinking for ourselves? Everyone just wants to be told what do. As long as everyone continues to willingly be a human/animal pin cushion, over vaccinating will never change. The pharmaceutical companies and veterinarians have orchestrated one of the biggest money-making schemes in human history all at the expense of our animals and our own personal health while making us all think that we are being responsible citizens and pet owners. Keeping us all sick so they can profit. How can they sleep at night knowing they are killing/injuring and causing so much pain and grief?

  2. Shawna Gower on August 2, 2021 at 11:02 am

    I’m loving your podcasts and making my way through the library.

    I, thankfully have an amazing Holistic Vet and a Homeopathic Dr looking after my pets and I actually drive 2 hours (plus a ferry ride) to see them when need be.

    2 months ago I got a Black Lab Puppy at 8 weeks old and immediately switched him to a raw fed diet along with some supplements from Adored Beast. He’s been growing and is healthy. I’m giving him weekly dose of Parvo/Distemper Nosodes.

    In March I lost my heart dog suddenly to a ruptured Spleen in what they said was a tumour. I had changed my ways many years ago but unfortunately for my Moto I was too late and he passed at the young age of 9. I’m so deeply devastated as he appeared super healthy, but passed suddenly. I’m just not making any mistakes with my new pup.

    Interesting my friend got a puppy a week after I got my pup, she adopted from a rescue. Poor little guy was found on the street, malnourished, exhausted. They immediately gave him vaccines, adopted him out… a week later neutered him, gave him antibiotics, flea and tic “medicine “ and this past Friday gave him another set of vaccines. (I was unaware that she had taken him in for that. I have been desperately trying to explain to her not to be doing any of this. But she’s not listening) I walked with yesterday to find out puppy has been sick. Day 2 after the vaccines he’s been vomiting and has a rash all over his body and in his ears.

    She took him back to the vet where he insisted it wasn’t from the vaccines prescribed her Benadryl and some prescription shampoo.

    In total over the last 2 months she has spent over $700 in vet bills and from what I see, the start of a sick dog. I’ve sent her links to your podcasts on hopes she will listen… it saddens me seeing so many puppies sick and watching pup parent think they are doing the right thing.

    I’m a dog trainer and I want to teach my student to do different but I mostly get “you’re not a vet you’re a dog trainer… “it’s so hard to get people to listen. I’m going to link your information on to my Facebook page in hopes I can get more people to stop killing their pups.


  3. Ninah on April 9, 2021 at 11:36 pm

    I had a 17 year old dog. My vet said he needed a rabies shot. I was adamant in refusing. He took the dog into the back to draw blood. When I went to pay the bill, the vet gave him the shot. I know because it was in the bill.
    I was furious, and barged into his exam room livid at what he’d done. He threw me out of the clinic. My dog died two weeks later.
    Now with covid, all the vets in my area are examining the dogs without the owner present. I find this seriously depressing!

    • Will Falconer, DVM on April 10, 2021 at 9:47 pm

      Unbelievable, Ninah. I’m so sorry you had to experience such ignorant hubris. I do hope you informed the vet what his unnecessary, ill advised, and refused vaccine produced. Shame on him. This is what gives my entire profession a black eye, over and over again.