#15 Lions and long distance homeopathy

Eleni Gkikakis is an animal intuitive but joined me on this interview as a homeopath. Not just any homeopath, Eleni has found herself working with a species most of us have only seen in zoos or on TV: the African lion.

If you weren’t aware, homeopathy can be used via telephone consultation to help animals at any distance. As it requires symptoms to guide the prescriber to the right remedies, those can be conveyed in a variety of ways, and in Eleni’s case, that’s been via phone and internet, with descriptions and even some videos of lions with health challenges.

While she’s spent time in South Africa around these magnificent creatures, the cases she shared with me were all done long distance, and with a high degree of success, I’m happy to report.

How do you even get a remedy into a lion??

Well, Eleni has donated a remedy kit or two to those on the ground, and they’ve figured out some creative ways for remedy to reach the lions’ mucus membranes, where the energetic potency can have its effect.

You won’t want to miss a moment of this fascinating conversation as Eleni relates several real cases of lions helped with homeopathy under challenging conditions (you don’t just grab a lions mouth and drop your pellets in, right?).

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  1. Karin Barasa on December 9, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    Even though I’m a long time subscriber to the newsletter and my dog had been a patient of you in the past, this is the first podcast I have listened to so far, but I will be subscribing today and forwarding this episode to some friends. It was so great to hear some really good homeopathy in this episode and reminded me how wonderful it is to know homeopathy. I have used it in my family for over 25 years now and when I was a professional Midwife and have obviously seen amazing results over the years, but hearing these lion stories just really reaffirmed it in my mind again. I specifically tuned in because I suspected that the lions had to be treated by giving the homeopathic remedies in water and I wanted to hear about it. I learned to use homeopathic remedies in water many years ago from the practice that helped my son recover greatly from autism. Since that time, in the early 2000s, I have always dosed homeopathics in water. My success rate grew immensely after learning to do that and I always recommend it now.

    • Eleni Gkikakis on December 10, 2020 at 3:22 am

      Thank you Karin for sharing your experience about remedies in water.
      How wonderful that you have used it in your practice and that your son has recovered. Respect!
      I hope you can share your story far and wide, so more parents of 2- and 4-legged beings can benefit from this knowledge.
      I have also been taught to use remedies in water by the method of succussion. Not always possible though when having to give urgently and to the wild.
      Have you been succussing your water remedies, or diluting them?
      Thank you for any further insight you may have to offer us!
      Blessings to you!

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