#14 When Fear Rules, Everyone Loses

Fear seems an all too common emotion among many animal owners these days, especially with the near constant narrative coming at us about some supposedly killer virus out there, just waiting to bring us down.

I’d like to see fear replaced with reason and confidence, especially when it comes to raising wildly healthy, naturally disease-resistant Vital Animals.

Join me as I take you through the real life scenarios that brought this emotion to my attention recently and see how I think it’s a dangerous one to carry with you on a regular basis, consciously or un-.

Common sense would dictate that you shouldn’t live your life in fear, and it should be fairly obvious that your animals, sensitive creatures that they are, will pick up on your emotional state, for good or for bad.

We all have it within us to keep fear in its rightful place, reserved for those times when it’s truly warranted. Listen in and hear several examples of how it is often used to control us and what you can do to fight back.

Links for this episode

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Dr. Robb’s episode on titers as a “pregnancy test”
Swedish study on cortisol levels showing parallels in dogs and owners
Swedish study on kids and dirt’s benefits
Dr. Cooney’s episode on Parvo

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Next week: A very special episode with Eleni Gkikakis, who’s been helping endangered lions in Africa with homeopathy. She lives in Greece, the lions are in South Africa, how does that work? And how exactly are you to get a homeopathic remedy into a lion? “Say AAAH?”

The comments await your thoughts below. Have you felt the fear this year? Got a plan to kick it under the bus where it belongs?

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  1. Terry Myles on December 2, 2020 at 6:45 am

    Very clear and easy to understand . Dr F has a very calming tone and engages the listener . We have 3 dogs and hearing the other side on vaccines and how they can cripple or kill our dogs is worth knowing . Nature’s way is almost always the better way . Plan to keep listening and learning more to keep our dogs living a better healthier and longer life .

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