How to Make Your Dog an Irresistible, Sweet-smelling Petting Magnet

Maltese with a ribbon on head

  Dahling, Be a Dear and Pick up Some More Perfume for Fifi A recent ad for a natural pet deodorant got me thinking. Is a deodorant, even an all natural, essential oil based one, necessary for your dog to smell sweet and fresh and be a pleasure to pet? That thought process was over in the microsecond it took for a neurotransmitter to leap the gap from one neuron to the next: Nah. Something wrong with this picture of perfuming pet odor away. I have patients who smell sweet and have luxurious coats that you just want to dig your fingers into and bury your nose in. How did they get this way? More importantly, how can you get your dog to become this sweet and this irresistible? Read on, and I’ll share the path to this lovely state. History Doesn’t Lie: My Own Dogs Stunk Confession time. The heartbreak of pet odor lived in my house. I grew up with a number of dogs, one … [Read more...]

Remedies to Help After Tooth Extraction

crooked toothed dog

Minimize the Ouch, Maximize the Healing “My dog is scheduled for dentistry next week. What can I do to help him through this with natural medicine? Oh, and I know they’ll want him on post-op antibiotics – are those truly necessary?” Inspired by our live "Drs. Hours" chat this week as a part of the new Dogs Naturally Academy, I’ll help you be prepared when your dog, cat, horse or YOU need to get dental work done. Dentistry is, of course, best avoided by raising a Vital Animal. I’ll review prevention with you in a bit. For now, imagine you find yourself with a tooth or two that need to come out. My Mouth, My Remedies As a dedicated homeopath, I use homeopathy not only for my animal patients, but for my own health challenges as well. In acute situations, I’ll reach for appropriate acute remedies, just like you can learn to do (click that banner to the right to learn more about … [Read more...]