Paralyzed Cow, Vet Magic in a Blizzard


I wasn’t always a homeopathic vet, of course. No one graduates that way. The practice of homeopathy came after years of conventional practice followed by a couple years of sticking fine needles into animals and watching the magic they could create. Those little white pills held even more magic, at least in my hands, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Doctoring the Big Girls I started with a solid seven years in mixed practice in the idyllic farm land of Wisconsin, a couple hours North of where I'd been raised as a city kid. I was the fourth vet to join the group who saw cows, horses and pets of every stripe, but we practiced medicine in the heart of Dodge County, one of the most concentrated dairy farming areas in the entire country. So, cows were our bread and butter. And we saw lots of them. Dairy practice was amazing in itself. I came to it afraid that these farmers, who had grown … [Read more...]

Does This Natural Path Really Work?

Beach Q 450

You Tell It: It Sure Does Have you come here wondering if this natural approach to raising animals actually works? I know, you’ve read about people stopping vaccinations for their animals and their kids, switching to natural diets, avoiding chemicals in and on the bodies of these precious beings, but does all of this bucking the system actually pay off? Above all, I want you to only embark on the Natural Path and stay on it by way of understanding. You’d be underserving your animals if you just did things because someone told you to, even some authority like a holistic vet. No, far better is to deeply understand why you’ve chosen to be a rebel, to seek out safer, non-toxic and non-damaging ways of raising those in your care. When you own it, from a deep place of understanding, after you’ve taken the time and the effort it takes to learn the harm that comes from conventional … [Read more...]