Beware of “Fauxlistic” Vets

"holistic vet" bumper sticker

Holistic Vet: Oh, Really? A reader of an article of mine appearing in Dogs Naturally Magazine writes in the comments, “My 8 wk old Golden  is coming home tonight. She has NOT been vaccinated or dewormed (her 8 litter mates were last week). Frustrated because i cant find ONE homeopathic Vet in the SF BAY area who does NOT vaccinate. And I cant take her to puppy school or puppy play groups if i just say "no.” Feeling very confused about what to do... the books all say she needs to have her  optimal dog socialization time before 16 weeks.” Aside from the “holistic vs homeopathic” lingo, let’s consider for a moment the frustration laden in this missive. Here’s a pet owner trying to be responsible to her new charge, right from the very beginning. While litter mates were vaccinated and dewormed, this person said, “No. I’ll take care of this one myself.” She’s really trying … [Read more...]

Nature vs Nurture

Giraffes nurturing their youngster

Gifts of Inheritance vs Choices We Make Now “She’s the only one of her litter who is still alive.” Those words, recently revealed in the story of Suzi, the 15 year old Wheaten Terrier who’s lived this long without a single vaccination, speaks volumes about health management and the natural path. Has the way Suzi was raised affected her life outcomes? Absolutely. This is the nurture side of the equation. But what about her inherited tendencies, or the nature piece? This part of the story is of great interest to anyone practicing homeopathy: the inherited chronic disease susceptibility that comes from our parents and ancestors certainly affects our wellbeing. But maybe, just maybe, we have quite a bit of control of those bits of nature wound up in the DNA our animals come in with. Inheritance, Physical and Non As someone pointed out in comments about Suzi’s story on … [Read more...]