Sound Sleep, Held in the Arms of Age Old Truth

Sleeping Cat

How’s Your Sleep? Do you lie down at night and lay your burden down? Or are you constantly checking out the window with a flash light, rechecking the locks on your doors, and listening to the police scanner? Do you have the peace that comes from knowing you’re caring for your animals in a way that’s in line with Nature’s laws? Do you rest with the understanding that a long evolutionary history has your back? Or are you running scared, from one trend to the next, seeking the latest, greatest way to fight this germ, protect your animal from that deadly parasite, or nourish your loved ones with this absolutely necessary nutrient (that somehow you never heard of until today)? Trying to Sleep in a Noisy World Amid all the flux in the world, we need to find what’s true and lasting. That’s often quiet and patient, and goes unadvertised. The internet is full of noise, less full of … [Read more...]

Tumor, But No Surgery? What Will People Think??

Dog with tumor in groin, resembling a scrotum.

I saw one of my favorite senior canine patients this week, Caleb. I actually wrote about him earlier, after he had such an amazing response to a single dose of a vaccinosis remedy. This time, tumor surgery was his main reason to visit. Catherine had had it with his grossly growing tumors and the constant admonishment by friends and family to just get these taken off. Maybe they were all right, and surgery was Caleb’s best option. Maybe she was wrong for letting them grow this long. Maybe she was acting irresponsibly with his health care. Caleb turned 15 this month, and is a Staffie mix who’s a bit shy.  He’s learned that I’m only here to help him, so he’s warmed up to me steadily over the past two years. He gets especially attentive when I go to the remedy cabinet to give him a dose of something fitting. He came to me with a history of having had tumors surgically removed. … [Read more...]