The Cat Who Lost Two Lives to One Rabies Vaccination

Disease Decline Pre-Vaccination

Part Two The Verdict: Guilty of (Nearly) AnimalSlaughter (If you're just joining us, you'll want to read what all the fuss is about.) Tigger's "one rabies vaccine" that nearly cost him his life (twice!) was clearly the cause of this little cat's problems. He'd been a normal, healthy, playful youngster before this vaccination, and his life was nearly lost after it, with two bouts of severe autoimmune hemolytic anemia and a year of languishing health in between them. The germaine question from the mock "trial" depicted in Part One is this: Who is The Real Perpetrator? If you are driving your car, and hit someone on a bike and injure him, you could hardly argue, "My car is at fault! It ran right into this poor guy!" You were driving, and any court in the land would place the blame squarely on your shoulders. So, who's guilty in the bigger picture in the case of rabies … [Read more...]

How Safe is Your Pet from “Just a Rabies Vaccine?”

Tigger the cat post rabies vaccine

Part One: Rabies Vaccine on Trial “Oh, we’ve learned how vaccinations can make our animals sick. We only give rabies vaccine now. It’s the law.” Are you endangering your pet, following a law that has no basis in immunology? Are you absolutely sure it’s safe for your pet to get this vaccination every few years, or worse, yearly? Herein lies a dark and scary birthday tale, a tragedy we’d not wish on our worst enemy, let alone our beloved animals or children. The “birthday present?” A near death experience followed by a year of languishing health for a young cat named Tigger. And then, a second near death experience at the beginning of his second year. Happy Birthday! Or Not. When he had just crossed his first birthday, life fell apart for our innocent little gray and brown tabby. It all began with a visit to Dr. WhiteCoat’s clinic, where it was decided that Tigger was “due … [Read more...]