Nature vs Nurture

Giraffes nurturing their youngster

Gifts of Inheritance vs Choices We Make Now “She’s the only one of her litter who is still alive.” Those words, recently revealed in the story of Suzi, the 15 year old Wheaten Terrier who’s lived this long without a single vaccination, speaks volumes about health management and the natural path. Has the way Suzi was raised affected her life outcomes? Absolutely. This is the nurture side of the equation. But what about her inherited tendencies, or the nature piece? This part of the story is of great interest to anyone practicing homeopathy: the inherited chronic disease susceptibility that comes from our parents and ancestors certainly affects our wellbeing. But maybe, just maybe, we have quite a bit of control of those bits of nature wound up in the DNA our animals come in with. Inheritance, Physical and Non As someone pointed out in comments about Suzi’s story on … [Read more...]

How To Avoid ALL Vaccinations and Show to Champion Status

Dog with pony looking at carrots

A Vital Blast from the Past I had the great fortune to chat with a client recently who I’d not heard from in probably twenty years. She’s done something quite amazing that answers perhaps the most aggrieved question many of you have: How can we raise a vital animal and avoid vaccinations when there are all these rules about rabies vaccination being mandatory? Marilyn has trail blazed this vexing area successfully, with a now 15 year old dog she’s brought through many, many shows. All without a single vaccine, including rabies vaccination. Yes, you read that correctly: showed her dog, repeatedly, to champion status, with zero vaccinations, including the one with all the laws about it. Knowing this is such a hot button for so many of you, I interviewed Marilyn, so you could learn what worked for her over all these years. [Important Note: Are You Just Joining This Conversation? … [Read more...]