Walk With Me: Curing Lily’s Heartworm Without Drugs | Episode 5

Lily the Dachshund, watching from her new position: in a laundry basket.

When we last left our little heroine Lily the Dachshund, we were four months into curing her of heartworms using only homeopathy as her medicine. She’d been through some pretty weird symptoms, all spewing forth after her prior remedy of mercurius vivus, her third prescription. You may recall, she began acting like she was on hallucinogens. Spaced out, distracted, not all there. This was followed by an absolute fixation on eating all things dead until she finally went into a major purge of urgent diarrhea. (Mom! I gotta go out! Right NOW!!) A few hellish days of that, sprinkled with a couple of vomits, and Lily was back to being her happy, healthy self. [You can start at the beginning here, if you are just joining us in Lily’s homeopathic heartworm treatment saga.] Stool Stories. Shhh. Lily’s appointment came around again this week, to evaluate her response to her last … [Read more...]

Best Horse Feed Choices

Lizzie getting nuzzled

Guest Post by Lizzy Meyer The best diet for a VITAL HORSE is something I have been working on with my own horses and horses in my care since about 2004. I have tried all kinds of different feeds, supplements, individual ingredients and approaches. I do not go by the NRC guidelines, but common sense and what works for each individual horse. This has been a passion of mine so hold on tight! You can get as minimal or as fancy as your heart desires! Horse Feed Model? The Wild Horse, Of Course! Think of what horses are designed to eat: forage, forage, forage! Mimicking the wild horses’ grazing habits, feeding small amounts of forage often is the best practice. As a grazing herbivore, the horse is accustomed to nibbling forage constantly. Their stomach secretes acid continuously. As they chew, they secrete about 10 gallons of bicarbonate-rich, acid-buffering saliva everyday. This is … [Read more...]