Tumor, But No Surgery? What Will People Think??

Dog with tumor in groin, resembling a scrotum.

I saw one of my favorite senior canine patients this week, Caleb. I actually wrote about him earlier, after he had such an amazing response to a single dose of a vaccinosis remedy. This time, tumor surgery was his main reason to visit. Catherine had had it with his grossly growing tumors and the constant admonishment by friends and family to just get these taken off. Maybe they were all right, and surgery was Caleb’s best option. Maybe she was wrong for letting them grow this long. Maybe she was acting irresponsibly with his health care. Caleb turned 15 this month, and is a Staffie mix who’s a bit shy.  He’s learned that I’m only here to help him, so he’s warmed up to me steadily over the past two years. He gets especially attentive when I go to the remedy cabinet to give him a dose of something fitting. He came to me with a history of having had tumors surgically removed. … [Read more...]

How Safe is Your Animal from GMOs?

Scary high mountain path

The manipulation of organisms by genetic engineering is tinkering with Mother Nature on a very deep level, and the consequences are far reaching and serious for humans, plants, animals, and the planet. Walk with me while I help you understand this phenomenon, learn the real concerns about GMOs, and gear up to protect yourself and your animals from harm. GMOs: What They Are GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Other acronyms used to describe the same entities include GE (genetically engineered so-and-so) and GM foods or GM crops, etc. What sets GMOs apart is the manipulation of an organism’s actual DNA in a laboratory, by the insertion of another species’ genes into the gene sequence of the target organism.   The commonest example of GMOs is made by inserting bacterial genes of herbicide resistance into a crop plant. This is most often done by inserting genes … [Read more...]