How Safe is Your Pet From “Just a Rabies Vaccine?” III

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Part Three: Change That Law! It’s way past time to update the rabies laws we live with. In their present form, animals, specifically dogs, cats, and ferrets, are legally required to receive way more rabies vaccines in their lives than what is necessary to establish immunity. Horses are often grossly over vaccinated for this disease as well, though it’s not a legal requirement for them. The risk to health that comes from following these rabies laws is clear. (If you haven’t seen the outpouring of troublesome stories that Part One of this series elicited, take a moment to read the post and its record breaking number of comments. We’ll wait for you. Seriously, we think it’s that important, we’ll trim some nails or something till you have read it.…  You back? Cool, read on.) The Need for a Rabies Law Rabies is a zoonotic disease, meaning humans get it from animals. If a person … [Read more...]

Walk With Me: Curing Lily’s Heartworm Without Drugs | Episode 4

I may look like a lump, but in homeopathic form, I've cured some serious disease!

“All Hell Broke Loose” Not words I long to hear after I’ve prescribed for a patient, but that’s what Lily went through, starting a day after her dose of mercurius vivus 10M, her third remedy on my quest to cure her of heartworms with homeopathy. Without the nasty poisons that suddenly kill them and make a long “cage rest” lockup necessary. [You can start at the beginning here, if you are just joining us in Lily’s heartworm treatment saga.] Cage rest. It sounds kind of pleasant, doesn’t it? Like a dog who has a spa experience or something. But, for an active little dog like Lily, it’d be a hell all its own. She’s a Dachshund, wired to move and DO THINGS, and her mama was warned not to get too close to her cage to get her excited, even, you may recall. Margo figured that kind of treatment was too toxic, risky, and restrictive, so she opted to come for homeopathy’s … [Read more...]