Feeding the Kidney Patient: The Low Protein Diet Myth

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Low Protein Diets? Really? The Skinny On Kidney Disease Kidney disease. This one way street eventually leads to death. We see it in our cats most often, much less in dogs, and I suspect far, far less in horses. People die of this regularly. Unlike the liver, with its massive capacity for regeneration, the kidney simply doesn’t allow for renewal. Once kidney failure (or, more politely, CKD chronic kidney disease) is diagnosed in your animal, it means 75% or more of the kidneys’ capacity to filter wastes is now lost. Failure is the operant word, though. These two small organs are in failure and won’t pull out of it. Luckily, homeopathy offers quite effective palliation. Palliation means, in any treatment modality, that as long as treatment continues, the disease symptoms are minimized and the animal feels and acts pretty well. While we’d rather cure, in which the disease is, in … [Read more...]

When Raw Natural Dog Food Just Doesn’t Work

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Don’t Throw that Raw Food on the Wall Just Yet! I asked my readers about their biggest frustration in a recent issue of Vital Animal News, and got some great answers! Here’s a cry of discouragement that I think is a good learning tool. This is a common situation that many of you may have wrestled with. DJ writes: We (us & our 2 shelties!) have been on this raw/natural “train” for appx. 2 years (they’re 2 1/2 yrs old) & we’re still having problems/issues: I cannot get their weight down! I'm feeding them exclusively raw @ 2% of their ideal weight. they don't seem to be satisfied, they act as though they're starving & gulp their food down way too fast. their coat does not reflect an all raw diet ~ it's dull & lifeless + they shed terribly. they scratch a lot, especially after baths ~ that's another ongoing struggle, trying to find the right … [Read more...]