Dog Flu: Death of an Epidemic

Dog who's over the dog flu

Where Old Epidemics Go To Die Dog flu is dead! Long live the dog flu! (It sells dog flu vaccine!) As happens with most infectious diseases, even the epidemic ones that affect large populations, these things come to an end eventually. Dog flu, I predict, is, even as it spreads to several more states, in its death throes. I think it's unlikely to do in Texas or Indiana or California what it did in Chicago, where some 1700 dogs got the canine flu and 5-6 died. It's now in 12 states, as of a recent count a couple of days ago. And dog flu vaccine gets exactly this much credit: 0. Nada. Zilch. As it spreads to new areas, the number of positive flu cases is no longer a fireball of runaway proportions. Here's a great map from Cornell, where the veterinary diagnostic lab, along with Wisconsin's, has been at the forefront in testing dogs for canine influenza. You can see where it's … [Read more...]

Dog Flu Newsworthy. Cheap, Effective Remedy Not?

Dr. Falconer examining recovered dog flu dog

When Media Misses the Point Last week the TV news descended on my small clinic, to get the story I'd alerted them to: dog flu, the epidemic that hit well over a thousand dogs in the Midwest U.S., had arrived in Texas. And, most importantly, an inexpensive homeopathic remedy for dog flu had been found. This latter was discovered independently, by a couple of my smarter clients who had a coughing dog, and reached for a remedy from my emergency remedy kit. On their second try, boom, Mica, their young Akita, turned the corner, and quickly got well. Completely cough free in under a week with a few doses. That's quite exceptional in dog flu, where many cases linger for weeks with the harsh cough. To be fair, 80% of canine flu cases are mild ones, according to Purdue, as I reported in my first blog post on this. But Mica was coughing strongly, gagging at the end, and was keeping everyone … [Read more...]