The Great Trifexis Hoax: 6 Ways to Spot the B.S.

See it? Right there: pesticides are poisons.

As the month of Heartworm Awareness reaches its midpoint, I couldn't help but dig in to see what the latest is on Trifexis, the chewable pill given to kill heartworms, fleas, and other worms in pets. It's not a pretty picture, as there are still many reports of deaths and illness coming in from owners after the use of this drug. What is Trifexis? Made by Elanco (a division of Eli Lilly and Company, the  global pharmaceutical manufacturer with sales in the billions), the drug is a combination of two drugs found in other products: 1. Spinosad, a pesticide sourced in the United States, the main ingredient in Comfortis, the flea killer, and 2. Milbemycin, a pesticide sourced in China (per Dr. Connell, the vet on staff at Elanco), main ingredient in Interceptor, the heartworm larvae killer. Here's a map of Lilly's plants around the world: If you live in Canada, the UK, or Australia, … [Read more...]

Walk With Me: Curing Lily’s Heartworm Without Drugs | Episode 1

Invaders, Beware. I am ON DUTY.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lily this week, a healthy, full of life and charming Dachshund who also has heartworm. Worms. In her heart. Gulp. I blogged about her briefly a couple of weeks ago, but I thought you might like to come along for the ride, while I cure her of her parasite burden. Heartworms. Those long spaghetti like worms. The ones that live in her heart. Ewww. We won't be subjecting Lily to harsh arsenic-based drugs to do this. Nor strict cage rest for two months. Why do vets impose this on the dogs going through conventional treatment? It's because they are poisoning the heartworms, and they die off rather suddenly and can get propelled into the lungs and/or blood vessels in big chunks. Not a pretty picture. Of course, arsenic is not a very pretty element, either. Long history of being used as a poison, often nefariously. No, Lily won't be poisoned in the least, nor … [Read more...]