Your Vote Counts!

This is exciting!

Excited dog!
We are very near releasing our super potent canine immune booster based on transfer factor! We can’t wait to get your animals on it and hear your success stories. Our Canine Immune Complete will not only fill the void left by 4Life Research ceasing production of Canine Complete, it will eclipse it!

Estimates are between 40% and 80% boost in immune enhancement with this formula based on Dr. Ramaekers’ research experience.

But, before we can get this in your hands (and your dog dishes!), we need to finalize our label image. That’s where you come in! Please take our quick poll below and tell us which image you think is the winner.

Wait. Only for Dogs?

This powder supplement will work equally well on dogs and cats. Right now, it’s going to be rejected by too many cats to label it for feline use, and we will reformulate to make it more palatable. If you’d like to use it for your cats as is, have at it! Just use some highly flavored foods to disguise it (sardines, anyone?).

We’ve also had several questions about a human version, and that’s coming soon, with great promise. Not only immune boosting par excellence, but helping sugar and cortisol balance (and therefore, w-e-i-g-h-t loss. Shhhh, we probably can’t say that on the label, but early results are super encouraging).

PreOrdering Very Soon!

Once we get a significant number of your votes, our label will be finalized, tweaked as to copy and ingredients and dosing, and we’ll be taking pre-orders from Vital Animal Pack members, with special pricing just for you. We’re talking just days away now, so place your vote and let’s get this rolling to your food dishes soon!

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