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Hey, Dr. Falconer here.

As a vet of nearly 40 years who’s been on both sides of the fence, I can tell you something very few vets will:

Your animals risk getting bothersome to deadly chronic diseases
if you continue using the “prevention” being foisted on you by Dr. WhiteCoat.

From non-stop allergic itching to painful smelly ears, to deadly autoimmune disease and cancer (now the #1 cause of death in dogs over age 8), the illness coming from conventional medicine is putting your fur family at risk.

Natural prevention: The smarter way.

In my free 4-part video workshop, Won’t Get Fooled Again you’ll discover:

  • The dangers of staying on the status quo path.
  • Why every conventional vet visit is one step closer to your pet becoming a statistic.

My goal is to help you step up to the empowered path of the Vital Animal.

The first video is now open for a limited showing, so…

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My special report, “Puppy Immunization Without Vaccination” gives you the latest version of a protocol that’s been real-world tested for over a decade now.

Build a super strong immunity against parvo and distemper (the two viruses that kill pups) while completely avoiding the risks that come from vaccinations.

When you sign up, this practical PDF report will be yours to download immediately.

Join us on this adventure and be sure to leave a comment after you watch each powerful video. We are all stronger as a pack, and your experiences matter to all of us.

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