Vital Path: Begin

You want to raise healthy, vital animals. Here’s what I’ve identified as the most important, core practices for you to get there safely.

Great Steps

These are Things To Do, a Vital Path to follow, that I see time and again leading to a bright, vital animal who stays that way for long years of glowing health.

One important place to start is in the food dish. Are you feeding food appropriate to the species who are living with you?

Feed for Vitality

And, there are great ways to keep teeth healthy and strong, without a toothbrush!

Natural Dental Prevention

And non-toxic ways to keep the pests at bay:

Non-Toxic Flea Control

There are even drug free ways to prevent the parasite that scares the beejeebers out of everyone: heartworm. I’ll show you how to relax and keep your animal heartworm free while living where this heartworm lives. My patients in Texas and Hawaii (heartworm lives in these spots) are staying clear successfully and not using risky drugs to do so.

Drug Free Heartworm Prevention

So, pick and choose what you want to discover here on the Vital Path, it’s all useful and real world tested, from my patient population over the past 30+ years.