You're doing your puppy a big favor!

The smart avoidance of vaccines is critical to successfully raising a vital puppy, and nosodes, properly used, is one strategy I've used in my homeopathic practice for years.

You'll have your own kit delivered (US and Canada only at this point) in a week or so, and you can start using them right away.

Instructions for use:

Use your kit with the following protocol, forged in a mastermind meeting of top veterinary homeopaths:


Parvo/Distemper Nosode Protocol

(Click Above to Download)

Additional Immune Support

When new pups visit me and I send this kit home, I also send home a bottle of Motherboard, a micronized Transfer Factor product from my sister company, Venjenz.

This is the best immune booster measured thus far and it helps that "alert and aware" state we want everyone's immune system to be in.

This immune alertness and responsiveness is generalized to more than just parvo and distemper, but certainly a strong response to those potentially deadly viruses is top of mind for me with every new pup.

This company is very efficient at shipping your product to you directly.

All the best in your endeavor to raise the healthiest, most naturally disease-resistant pup ever!

Will Falconer, DVM

p.s. If you'd like the same support for yourself, this is the product I take regularly.

It's kept me out of countless flus and colds when those around me have been succumbing left and right.