Thanks! Your Vaccination Flowchart and a Bonus

Thanks for signing up to get your free Vaccination Decision Flowchart. I’ve bundled it with another useful handout, the newly updated Natural Exposure Protocol for immunization without vaccination. This is the best way to get your young pups off to a strong immune system start.

I appreciate your concerns and thoughtfulness about vaccinations. These papers will help you to think more carefully as well as get your young dogs soundly immunized  with zero vaccination risk.

Vaccination Decision Flowchart

Updated Natural Exposure Protocol

More useful help will be coming soon, so keep an eye on your inbox. Remember: vaccination is the most important decision you’ll make in the life of your animals. Take your time, and never feel rushed to decide on the spot, if you’re faced with Dr. WhiteCoat pressing you.

If you’re not confident enough to say “No, thanks” just yet, you can always say, “Not today. I’ll get back to you if I opt to do more vaccinations. In my already vaccinated animals.”