Taking It To The World!

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More Reach, More Change, More Good

This very brief sale has a background that was born in this letter, sent out Saturday evening to all pack members. Some of you joined us since it went out (Welcome!), so I’ll put it here for you.

Unusual Times Call for Unusual Strategies

Hey Vital Animal Pack Peeps,

This is a bit unusual. Instead of writing my usual newsletter (coming tomorrow, no worries), I wanted to share a story that kept me up for the better part of the night recently.

As many of you likely know, Big Pharma tried to make VitalAnimal.com go dark recently. In common parlance, this is called hacking or cyber attacks. And the site did go down, repeatedly, over several days. All this was happening after I blogged on Apoquel, the Pfizer drug that’s selling like hot cakes for itchy dogs. That article was getting thousands upon thousands of page views and climbed to the top of Google when folks typed in the drug’s name.

There was little old me, on page one of the search results, with the headline Apoquel: Dog Drug With a Dark Side just a few spots beneath Big Pharma’s pitches for that drug. It’s still getting a ton of visits.

(The site is fully up and running since my web host doubled down on security, by the way. It’s been serving thousands of visitors 24/7 for the past few weeks.)

Tip Toe or Leap?

All this was also happening on a weekend while I was away, dipping my toes into bigger, bolder ideas at a recent business conference in Phoenix. Brilliant people both presenting and in attendance, who were taking their message to a far larger audience than I, helping far more people improve their lives, solve problems, and create brighter futures.

When I got a chance to stand and relay a personal “ah-ha moment” from the conference, on a live mic in front of 900+ people, it was about you and how Dr. WhiteCoat often denies your hard work and study on behalf of your animals.

I literally got choked up telling it, I was so moved.

Well that dip turned into a plunge. I decided then and there that I had to up my game. I had to help more people struggling with the push from Big Pharma and its henchmen to market dangerous drugs and vaccines. It was obvious to me that the bottom line in way too many veterinary practices had finally eclipsed the reason we all got into this profession originally: to help the animals.

That profit-driven bottom line was negating your many stories of damage caused by drugs and vaccines. Real people with real sick animals having no voice. And facing a long struggle and huge expense to get their animals out of the quicksand of chronic disease these drugs had dropped them into.

In deciding to go bigger, I put my credit card down to pay for additional training. The most expensive training I’ve ever signed up for in my life. Close to four years of vet school in comparison.

But, I know I have to do this, expense be damned. This message of how to avoid all the unnecessary damage to your animals must reach around the world and back again. Real, true prevention has to be taught, and it’s very, very different than what is being pushed on you all every day. Too many animals are suffering from that push.

I realize I’m not alone here. Many of you share my vision of changing the world, one Vital Animal at a time, and have already set the bar higher for those with animals around you. Having you by my side makes such a difference! Together, we can educate, enlighten and enlist others who are just like you.

Taking It To the World Sale!

To get that ball rolling, I decided I have to raise some capital. That credit card bill will soon need to be paid, and hiring needs to get underway and tools need to be bought. I decided to do something unusual (and, of course, helpful) and I’m putting my well received drug free heartworm prevention protocol on sale.

Many of you have used this method for years to great success, and have created brilliant, naturally heartworm resistant dogs and cats by following it. I thank you and congratulate you for stepping out of the dangerous paradigm of fear based prevention with risky drugs, like Trifexis and others.

So, here’s the deal. If you don’t yet have Vital Animals Don’t Get Heartworms![The Drug Free Prevention Program That Works] you’ll now be able to get the best package I offer (ebook plus audiobook) at a great discount. It normally sells for $45, and for the next few days, I’m offering it for only $25. That’s the cost of the book itself, normally.

Nearly a 50% discount. But it goes away Monday the 30th (Memorial Day in the U.S.) at midnight CT.

I’m also offering a Big Bonus for all who buy in. Bundled with this package deal is a one hour Live Q & A Webinar on all things heartworm! Ask me anything about these often scary worms and I’ll answer!

In addition, you will receive a special report that’ll help your animals get free of the ill effects of the heartworm drugs. It’s called Homeopathic Detox Protocol and it’s one I’ve used in practice for decades. It’s actually applicable to any intoxicating situation your animals have faced, including topical flea pesticides like Frontline, Advantage, etc. Or yard pesticides. Even garbage eating.

I’ll tell you how you can treat your animal easily and inexpensively to get back to a clean starting place in five short days.

Here’s where you can take advantage of this remarkable deal:

If you’ve EVER considered getting off the risky heartworm drugs and trying my well-proven program that’s been working for decades now on hundreds of pets, you’ll never see a package like this at a better price.

Onward and upward, I see a lot of work ahead.

Dr. Will Falconer

p.s. It comes with a guarantee, as do all of my products, so you’re really taking no risk in buying this package. Put it to work for your animals for 30 days and if you feel it’s not worth it for any reason, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. The detox protocol will be yours to keep, either way, and the live webinar.

p.p.s. Thanks for being a Vital Animal Pack member. It’s largely your inspiration that keeps me climbing on this path. And, if you know people who might want to take advantage of this deal, just forward this email with a few words of introduction. I’d love to see how much impact we can make working together.

Know that you are loved.

I’m really humbled at the turn out for this push. It looks like this resonates with a lot of you. I awoke to many emails urging me onward.

How timely!  I was just about to shoot you a quick email to thank you again for teaching me so much and showing me the way to care for my beloved pets.  We just had our semi anual vet check on Friday with labs and again our 13 year old dog is heartworm negative thanks to your protocol!

Oh, and just recently Orson, the above mentioned dog, was in close quateres with young pup who had kennel cough which seems to be going around in our area, 10 days later he began coughing.  He’s never been ill in all the years I’ve had him (he’s adopted).  I reached for my wonderful remedy kit and two days later he was resolving this challange.  Day three, no cough!

You’re a rockstar and WE LOVE YOU and THANK YOU!  :o)

Laura Scott, Tennessee

Best natural protocol I’ve ever known. I have had my dogs on Dr. Will Falconer’s protocol for 5 years, and I live in an endemic area of North Texas, and have been Heartworm free every single year. I personally know 20 other dogs that follow this same protocol, all Heartworm free. This protocol works!

Joyce Salazar, Ft Worth, Texas

You are truly inspiring!  Truly. 

Thank you for what you are doing for the world: giving permission to others to step forward, as you also support the health and wellbeing of our animals and empower and educate owners like me.

I truly salute you.

We need more of you! …it’s so uplifting and inspiring to see such talented and connected individuals such as yourself taking a stand, honouring their own truth, whilst pursuing what serves the ‘highest good’ for all.


A huge thank you from me.

Caroline Ryan, U.K.


If you can use this or know of someone else who needs to know this valuable protocol (that’s really so much more than just a heartworm prevention protocol), please click this button:

and take advantage of this before it disappears today (31 May) at midnight.

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And thanks for being here. It means a lot to me and to animals across the globe.