Real Prevention Starts Before Your Pup is Conceived

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H:S wf straight up 250Hey, it’s Dr. Falconer. Welcome back to our series, Taking Back Prevention. We’re on Part 3 here.

Natural Rearing is an old term that lives in those who take an interest in raising animals in ways harmonious with natural laws. It’s got a long history. One of its early, well spoken proponents was the herbalist Juliette de Baïracli Levy (1912-2009).

At a minimum, natural rearing usually means feeding a diet like the wild ancestors and cousins would eat. That’s much like prey, and we talked about how to find your way through frozen prepared foods in my guide to HPP in Part 2.

If you take natural rearing seriously, odds are you also view vaccination risks as greater than their possible benefits. You know natural resistance brings far better immunity than any vaccine can give. We covered how to accomplish that in Part 1 of this series.

But, when you really want to get the best start with a puppy, and your long term plans include her living as a Vital Animal to a ripe, healthy old age with you, you’re wise to start early. Even before conception.

With a natural rearing breeder.

Trouble is, when you set out to find one, you quickly learn anyone can use that term. And not be anything like what you’d think they should be, by definition. My research staff found only one in six to be the real deal.

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