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H:S wf straight up 250Hey, it’s Dr. Falconer. Welcome back.

Likely by now you’ve heard of the amazing health that comes from feeding your dog a balanced raw diet. Smart owners have been doing this for decades now, and the differences in coat, breath, energy and shiny teeth and eyes make the benefits of this choice quickly apparent.

The fastest way to change over to raw food is to buy it already prepared, frozen. And, if you have natural grocers or pet stores in your city, odds are you’ll have lots of choices!

Even if you’re in a small city or town or live rurally, (or hate shopping and schlepping bags home) you can have it shipped on dry ice to you. Several choices there, too.

But, wouldn’t you know it? These foods are not all created equal. Several brands I used to recommend I no longer do when clients ask me for ideas. Why?


If you’ve heard of that but maybe don’t fully know what High Pressure Pasteurization is, or especially which brands to avoid, you’ll want to grab my latest guide. It’s pretty shocking what many raw diets are put through before they reach your dog’s bowl. I was floored when I found out.

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