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NICE! You're doing your animals a big favor!

Being smart on vaccine alternatives is a necessity today.

Your chances of seeing damage by a vaccine event grows every year, as more generations of animals get vaccinations.

I applaud your decision to go above and beyond what passive pet owners do.

You're committed to being your animals' empowered caregiver, and that's huge.

Join us in the course, at your own pace

The course is set up to take at your leisure.

And to learn in the style that best suits you.

It all starts here (click to open course): Nosodes, Tautodes & Titers course home

You'll want to only Login

On the page that opens, you'll want to only Login, NOT Sign Up (you've already done that).

Here's what that page looks like, the arrow pointing to the itty bitty upper right corner link to click:

Short video of Login for Course

Your login window follows and looks like this:

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Enter the Same Email Address and Password You Enrolled With

You just enter the same email address that you enrolled with and your same password.

(If you've forgotten your password or haven't made one yet, just click the Forgot Password? link, and you'll be able to make a new one)

If You've Already Have a Teachable Account Setup for Vital Animal

Shortcut: if you've already got a Teachable account (from past courses of mine), you can just use the Login with Teachable button.

Moving Through the Lessons

As you move through the lessons, remember you aren't limited to only watching videos (though they are the heart of the material).

You can also:

  • download and listen to the audios on your smart phone or mp3 player
  • download and print the transcripts to take notes on
  • download and print the handout lessons and even bind them at Kinkos if you wish

It's a great idea to minimally have the Compendium on Animal Rabies printed out and in a file with your vaccination records (if you've chosen to vaccinate).

Join the Discussion in Our Lessons

Remember, every lesson has a discussion below it, so stop in to add to the conversation when you are so moved.

Thanks again for joining us, and I look forward to hearing how you've applied what you've learned here to keep your animals wildly healthy and out of harm's way.

Will Falconer, DVM