Success story: How Amy triumphed over Animal Control

Success story: How Amy triumphed over Animal Control

four dogs in cage

What did we do to deserve this?

Your worst nightmare?

There’s a lot of control around the disease of rabies, some of it certainly justified.

Any infectious disease that can kill humans and comes from animals is usually paid special attention in the world of epidemiology and public health.

It’s when you don’t quite “fit in” that those in control can get concerned.

Perhaps you’ve felt stuck between this rock and that hard place?


  • I don’t want to vaccinate further for rabies, my dog is already immune (and I’ve heard any vaccine could be “the big one” that causes serious illness)…
  • …but there’s this %^&@! law saying I have to keep vaccinating!


Then you’ll appreciate hearing this interview I did with Amy Felts, dog trainer and one of my pupils who had not one, not two, but four dogs “out of date” for rabies.

For how long, Amy?

Several years!

They all had a history of multiple vaccinations earlier and all, to a T, had problems with being itchy.

But when a nosy neighbor tried to get Amy in trouble, Amy wasn’t going to let a “law” get in the way of her trying to keep her animals as healthy as she could!

What could have been horrible turned into a very positive experience!

See for yourself and see why I’m so proud of Amy and the confidence she now has:

 Want Some of What Amy’s Got?

If you want some of that confidence yourself, be sure to check out my deep dive rabies course:

Rabies: Knowledge is Power (click to view)


This course has been a life changer for many of my students.


Confidence building.

You can keep your animals safe from both rabies (the disease) AND rabies over-prevention, aka rabies vaccine injury.

When you know what Amy knows, you can call the shots for your animals and avoid the all too common illnesses that follow vaccination.

That’s true where ever you live, even when you have a rabies “law” to contend with.