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Fear not! Our safe natural prevention course for your next puppy will be available again soon.

And, yes, our Free Workshop (Won’t Get Fooled Again!) is back in the vault for now.

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Some of the many appreciative comments on the free video workshop:

While you’re waiting for the next course to open, listen to some previous graduates:

Absolutely I feel empowered. I feel confident. I had to take Abby to the vet for a skin issue to get a skin test, scraping and they said Abby is due for her rabies vaccine and I said, no thank you. I was able to walk out the door knowing I said no. They took that no. They didn’t make me do it which felt great. Yes, I feel very confident and very empowered with what I have learned and I absolutely know that I am doing the right thing.

–Jessica Garwood, Austin, TX

Think this might be too costly? Here’s a wise perspective from a client:

It’s been absolutely amazing. Our only regret is that we didn’t know this years ago. Our first pack of small dogs didn’t have the benefit of this. We used Dr. Whitecoats and were so brainwashed that we obeyed his every word. Fed kibble and pet foods, re-vaccinated every 3 yrs, gave them drugs and chemicals…the whole horrible mess.

Consequently, our dogs all suffered poor health, severe vaccine damage, and either died or had to be euthanized by age 12 yrs. We spent thousands on trying to get them healthy and rid them of the problems and diseases they had – allergies, cancer, impacted anal glands, repeat ear infections, seizures, liver disease and kidney failure. We spent around $30,000 on them yet it was to no avail. With natural pet rearing, a raw meaty bones diet, and homeopathy, our vet expense for each dog now is only a yearly wellness exam and blood work; less than $400 each. They’re vibrant, vital, healthy, happy, pest-free, odor-free, no ear infections, no anal gland issues, have sparkling clean teeth and more. This only comes from proper nutrition and natural living.

Yes, conventional vets are educated but they’re educated by the very people who make products that destroy the health and lives of animals – big pharma and pet food manufacturers. They don’t know how to restore health or how to keep it. They know less about how the immune systems works than most owners here. When you have incorrect information, your advice isn’t worth much. They know a small amount, but it doesn’t work out well for their patients. Look at the state of animals today for the evidence; there’s no denying all that’s been done wrong.

Those of us choosing the natural path have usually been down the conventional path at least once and don’t ever what to reap those results again. A wise person learns from their mistakes; the fool continues doing the same thing but expects a different outcome. That’s what conventional medicine and living is doing.

— Dede, So. California

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