Get Immune Strong, Live Long

Dachshund in Armor with Sword

To purchase the best immune support available on the planet (for pets and soon, their people), please visit our online store here: Vital Pet Health.

Our top quality immune line starts with Canine Immune Complete, with patented Transfer Factor and synergistic ingredient AFA, to train your dog's immune system to be alert to more invaders (viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, etc.). When attack is appropriate, that educated immune system launches, deals a death blow to the foreign cells, and turns off again, remaining in a state of watchful alertness.

Net Result: Balanced Immunity

When the immune system is stimulated to a high degree, it is in its most balanced state, according to microbiologist Dr. Richard Bennett, PhD who says,

immunity is at the core of wellness

Practically speaking, that means Canine Immune Complete helps even those with autoimmune disease return to balance once more.

Balanced immunity also means those cancer cells that arise in each of us daily (dogs, cats, horses, humans, etc.) will be "seen" for the foreigners they are and kept in check by a fully functioning immune system with the help of this supplement line.

We now have the best canine and feline immune products as well as our complementary Vital Animal Detox, to be sure the toxins your animals are exposed to daily are dealt with safely and surely.

Until our human product rolls out (soon!), here's what's served me for years and what your human family can most benefit from: Tri-Factor Formulas -- the best immune support currently for those who walk on two legs!

You'll see everything we sell is Guaranteed, so there's no risk in trying these excellent products for your loved ones.

Best advice from you…(TF Canine Complete)! It has worked wonders with Dylan Dog! Not only is his coat coming in evenly, he is scratching less, the color of his coat is richer, he is happier, he is much calmer and his cognitive abilities have increased tremendously! He's not all of the way there yet but I'm extremely happy with the improvement and so is his vet!

-- Dana Flemming, Vital Animal Pack Member