Along the Natural Path Late July 2016

From Texas to India and Back Again

Hot in both places, enough so that you need to take precautions. Unless you're a kid, when you pretty much snuck out from "rest time" to play, no matter the temperature or humidity!

Here's a glimpse of both sides of the world. Water buffalo are milk animals on many an Indian farmstead. Rich, lovely milk. I only got fresh cow milk, but I'll keep trying to nail down a source of buffalo, as I love my fats! Especially since I've phased out simple carbs, which were causing untold mayhem in my body.

Rice patties are under water as a means of weed control. Why no mosquito explosion to go with that? No idea. Didn't see or hear the pesticide sprayers working (thank heavens -- still have to try to educate on that one!)

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You bet. Let's see what's out there!