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Think Outside the Medicine Box

Something tells me you’ve gotten suspicious that all that flies under the banner of “health care” may not be in your animals’ best interests.

You read labels. You see through the hype that is marketing, like “prescription diets,” foods claiming to be “100% Complete!” or blueberries in a kibble as the 37th ingredient.

You read books on natural health for your animals, maybe even for yourself.

You know better than to discuss raw diets with your conventional veterinarian. That horse isn’t racing.


You may have even run into “fauxlistic” vets who offer some natural modality they’ve trained in for a weekend, but still make recommendations (like repeated vaccinations) that make your skin crawl.

Join Us on The Natural Path

Your animals are too valuable to you to blindly follow recommendations from conventional veterinarians, aka Dr. WhiteCoat. If you question authority and prevention practices that often end up damaging animals in the name of “health,” we’re your pack.

Dr. Will Falconer - Homeopathic Vetenarian - Vital Animal - The Natural PathHi, I’m Dr. Will Falconer, and I want to personally welcome you to the Natural Path, and invite you to join me, a 100% homeopathic vet for over twenty years. While I have a busy practice, I also love to write and teach, and part of that effort appears in my free weekly newsletter, Vital Animal News.
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I don’t pull punches. I’m a veterinary insider who knows how Dr. WhiteCoat thinks, and I can help you make wise health decisions for those animals who count on you every day.

My goal in all of this is to have your animals be such a glowing example of what’s possible with natural health that they can be a force to change the world!

A big goal, I know, but I’m regularly inspired by how my patients and my reader’s animals are turning heads when they are out in public. These guys become magnets, inexorably drawing people to them to feel their shiny coats and exclaim, “Wow! He looks and feels amazingly healthy! How did you get him to be so gorgeous?”

A conversation starts. A mind is opened.

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