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Thanks for buying my ebook on drug-free HW prevention. If you wish to take an extra step and give a homeopathic remedy specifically to help keep the heartworm larvae out of your animal, I’m offering this heartworm nosode for that purpose.

It’s unproven but makes sense. Other more proven nosodes include kennel cough (lots of kennels have beaten this disease by using this nosode for both prevention and treatment), parvo, and both canine and feline distemper.

We *think* HW nosodes will act the same way, but there’s not much clinical experience to verify that (i.e. most people who use them also use my Drug Free HW Prevention protocol, so was it the nosodes or all the other good measures that kept bringing in negative tests? Hard to determine this.)

Heartworm nosode cost is $39/bottle.

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Canadian pricing: see checkout.

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Free Heartworm Nosode Protocol

I usually ship the same day I have payment and address info, but it may be a few days, depending on how busy the practice and the teaching is when you order.

Thanks for your interest and for joining my many hundreds of patients who are living free of risky heartworm drugs while improving health and keeping their animals free of heartworm!

Vital Animals Don't Get Heartworms!

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“Vital Animals Don’t Get Heartworms!”

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Best natural protocol I’ve ever known. I have had my dogs on Dr. Will Falconer’s protocol (since 2009), and I live in an endemic area of North Texas and have been Heartworm free every single year. I personally know 20 other dogs that follow this same protocol, all Heartworm free. This protocol works!

–Joyce Salazar