First Dibs!

Dumb. Like a fox!

I grew up with my mom saying this, and I can’t quite remember the context, but it was likely someone who got what they were after by merely acting dumb.

You, on the other hand, just made my day!

Clicking to show you’re still committed to your animals’ best health as our workshop winds down signals to me that you get it. Nothing dumb about wanting to learn more on their behalf and from me, in my 40th year of practice now, having been on both sides of the vet practice fence.


I’m honored to have you in my pack.

And, by clicking through to end up here, you’ll be among the first to get access to my opening bonus tomorrow early when the next email announces my premier flagship course.

It’s pretty sweet.

And, a bit of insider knowledge for you: if all the pieces are properly in place (and our aim is to have them that way before I crawl into bed in several hours), that email will roll off the presses and give you first dibs on the fast-action sign up bonus at

< shhhhh…> 6:30 am CT.

Keep an eye on your inbox. I hope you’re a winner!