Oh Oh.

The Dog Ate That Page!

Dog Ate Homework

I’m so sorry. It appears that page you were looking for, well, Weinie got hold of it and, uh, now there’s a mess to clean up.


I know you really wanted to see it, too. Sometimes when I’m really busy writing or teaching, and I tell Weinie to chill, this is what he does.

Let’s get this fixed for you. I really want you to find what you’re looking for, and chances are it’s on another page in here somewhere, so let’s have a look.

Start Here. This is a great page in general to get you oriented. Lot’s of my cornerstone stuff here. Just click on that underlined couple of words, and leave this mess behind. Now, where’s my broom…

Or: Use the search box to drill down to that subject that’s got you vexed so. It’s in the right hand column on most pages, and looks like this:

Search box clip

It’s on this page, for instance.

You can put a single word in, or a phrase (like heartworm or drug free heartworm prevention). Faster than Weinie’s tail can wag out two strokes, you’ll get every page that matches that, and you can read something useful.

Instead of worrying about this mess. I’ll get after that, right after I take Weinie out for a good walk in the woods.

C’mon boy! You’ve waited long enough.


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