Heartworm prevention kills dogs?

I never knew that when they first came out with the heartworm drugs, back in the 80’s. I learned it when I left conventional practice and started to dig into what can hurt your dog, make her ill, and even kill her.

And boy, did I learn a lot when I dug into holistic vet practice!

What I’d like you to know, from my insider’s perspective, is how to keep your dog safe from heartworm without risking something far worse than a parasite.

Did You Know?

  • The administration of common monthly heartworm preventatives has been associated with autoimmune disease and even death in dogs?
  • The six-month injection for preventing heartworm called Pro-Heart 6 was recalled due to toxic side effects that included fatalities in dogs? (It's back on the market now. Oh oh.)
  • The drug called Trifexis is all over the internet associated with illness and deaths in dogs taking it. Some after their first dose, some after many doses.

 The "Monthly Pill" Itself can Kill Your Dog!

That's sobering. You probably signed on for it because the disease of heartworm sounded pretty scary itself. Worms in my dog's heart?? No Way!

The Backstory.

What I learned from years in holistic practice is that serious disease can and often does follow the use of monthly heartworm prevention drugs.

It turns out that the drugs commonly pushed on you as “heartworm prevention,” carry the risk of autoimmune disease. Here, we’re talking about disease where your dog's immune system, the very system that's supposed to protect her, actually turns on her own cells, and destroys them like they were bad germs!

A Researcher Shares Her Research with Me

Dr. Jean Dodds has tracked this relationship. You may recognize her name. She's a world-renowned expert in hematology and immune diseases. She recently sent me a copy of the article she published in DVM Magazine years ago linking the two common heartworm preventatives to autoimmune disease and death.

Here are just a few examples from her research:

  1. German Shepherd, sudden death 2 days after dose.
  2. Cocker Spaniel, sudden death; seizures and high fever
  3. Mini Schnauzer, ataxia, sudden death; another who got ill after 3 years of use
  4. Labrador mix, bone marrow failure, reactions after 2nd and 3rd dose
  5. Irish Setter, AIHA (autoimmune hemolytic anemia) and death, after first dose

And on the list goes. Many of the cases she reports had no pre-existing illness, and got ill after the first dose to several doses later. Several had recurring sickness in the same week of each month, the very week they got their heartworm preventatives.

Immune attack on red blood cells or platelets are common forms of autoimmune disease, and the most dangerous to your dog’s survival.

I’ve seen both in practice, and I wouldn’t wish either one on any dog.

As you might guess, your dog cannot live without red blood cells to carry oxygen, or platelets to help the blood clot properly.

 Here’s how these diseases look. Your dog can show:

  • Pale, or blue-spotted gums
  • Sudden panting, as if exhausted, after very little exertion
  • Weakness, often to the point of not getting up to eat
  • Purple “bruise like” spots on the belly, ears, or anywhere else
  • Bleeding from the nose, eyes, ears, bowels, or vagina

You can’t imagine the high-tech emergency that either of these autoimmune blood diseases sends your dog into.

This is ER time!

Treatment of dogs with this sort of disease often involves:

  • repeated blood transfusions (think: risky and expensive)
  • high doses of steroids or even more potent immune suppressors (side effects galore)
  • hospitalization to monitor and keep your dog on I.V. drips (often in ICU, $$$)

And how's the outcome of all this heroic and costly treatment?

Just over half of all dogs survived…

(This is quoted from a research paper on these diseases published in the Canadian Vet Journal)

You don’t want your dog getting this disease, and from something as seemingly benign as a monthly heartworm prevention drug.

What to Do?

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  • Joyce S. from Texas
    Best natural protocol I've ever known. I have had my dogs on Dr. Will Falconer's protocol for 5 years, and I live in an endemic area of North Texas, and have been Heartworm free every single year. I personally know 20 other dogs that follow this same protocol, all Heartworm free. This protocol works! It is one of the very best decisions I have ever made for my dogs. My immense gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you, Dr. Falconer!
    Joyce S. from Texas
  • I have just read your ebook 'Vital Animals Don't Get Heartworms', in one sitting, and I just want to say thank you. I feel like you answered all my questions in the book. Reading your articles is like nourishment for my brain. I feel informed, inspired and hopeful rather than troubled, searching online for answers and inspiration, only to find nothing positive and just people pounding their pets with steroids or antibiotics.
    Amy Fantozzi in Austin, Texas
  • Michelle, thank you for getting this to me. I just read it during my lunch break and oh how enlightening it was. I read with great interest the information that you placed on the internet and definitely don't want to see my dogs become ill with either heartworm or with the manifestations of the heartworm treatments currently available today.
    Sandra D in Pennsylvania

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How do I know this program works?

I’ve had hundreds of dog patients use my natural program while living in heartworm endemic areas for over 20 years. (Endemic means: heartworms live here.)

And these are areas that sometimes don’t freeze at all, like my years in Hawaii. Even in Texas, winters are mild and short, and mosquitoes (the bug that carries heartworm) are around a large part of the year.

  • You also asked if I had used the hw program and experienced negative (heartworm test) results........ I have with Rocky for I think 10 years. I followed your advice and did blood work once a year. Although, I was nervous in the beginning about no heartworm preventative, I was more concerned about the chemicals I would be giving him. Rocky never had a positive test for HW. I am following the same with Noah.
    Sharon Shoemaker, So. Texas
  • My animals have never gotten heartworm preventive -- none of the 4 dogs and none of the cats. The dogs are always tested annually for HW. Until I read your book again, I had forgotten about the optimum time to test… The time frame would be 1996-present for the dogs.
    Another client of mine, JD in Austin

This is the program that the majority of my hundreds of dog patients are on.

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Do I Need A special Device?

No. You’ll be able to read your ebook on the device of your choice: your computer, iPad, or smart phone. You can also print yourself a copy for easy reference and refer to it often. If you order the audiobook version, you’ll be able to listen to the audiobook (MP3 file) anywhere using your choice of portable music player.

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