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The Ultimate First Year Puppy Prevention Plan

Imagine: Your new pup has arrived from a Natural Rearing breeder, free of vaccinations, flea poisons, dewormers and the like, and got to nurse on Mom (until she’d have none of it).

On weaning, the little tyke got something close to regurgitated prey (this breeder was super dedicated!).

She got to play with her litter mates and learn lots of social cues, as no one went to new homes until they were 8-12 weeks old.

Now, applying what you’ve learned from the Natural Rearing Roadmap course, you’re on your way to Super Puppy!

  • Natural exposure immunity
  • Balanced raw diet
  • Non-toxic flea control
  • Delayed or absent neutering
  • Drug free heartworm prevention
  • Early life socialization & training

You’re going to do everything right this time! This will be your exemplary, magnetic pup who turns heads at the dog park and sparks conversations that begin with, “Oooo! How did you get your dog to look so amazing??”

(Yeah, my clients have conversations like this, and it’s a game changer and a sharing opportunity.)

What Could be Better Than This?

One thing.

Professional homeopathic prescribing for the inevitable piece that we all come into a new body with:

Inherited chronic disease.

Yes, even naturally reared pups can bring “baggage” in from ancestors, even distant ones. If you think about what your own parents had as health challenges, odds are, you’ll find similar challenges in your own health.

Now, this may not be obvious stuff, but you may wonder why this pup, unlike your others, shows little red flags like:

  • Loose stools, too easily gotten. Worse with a diet change, but they go on for 5-6 BM’s instead of the single one you might expect.
  • A tendency to chew his forepaws. Sometimes too vigorously and long to write it off to external reasons.
  • Weepy eyes, maybe with some redness in the whites.
  • Breath that’s not great, and say, what’s that fine red line on the gum margins?
  • Wildly active, jerking sleep
  • Overly aggressive to other dogs who mean no harm what so ever.

There seems to be no good reason for these symptoms to show in one so young who’s really started life right, with all that natural rearing can offer.

This is called inherited chronic disease.

None of it is “fire engine” or ER worthy, but these low level symptoms seem to nag on. They occupy your new pup more than his litter mate or than your last pup was ever bothered.

Enter a high level professional homeopathic consulting service, focused entirely on truly curing the ancestral “taint” that we often see at some point in early life…

…and you now have a great solution to raise the best possible pup. The one you’ve always known was possible.

Vital Animal Gold

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There’s nothing like early life homeopathic prescribing to set the ultimate Natural Path in place for your youngster. Clear what was inherited and you’ll have the perfect pup, set to grow into an attractive, amazingly healthy adult.

If you decide to breed this pup in adulthood, you’ll have accomplished what very few breeders are even aware of: an animal whose vital force is free of miasms and chronic disease.

In those cured with careful homeopathic prescribing, nothing is passed on but super vital health. Natural resistance. A balanced immune system. Behavioral soundness right along with sound body and functions.


You’re on your way to changing the world, one Vital Animal at a time!

A Custom Client Package

I’ve opted to leave behind the “dollars for hours” model of practice with this new “concierge” program, and will instead bill you a flat fee monthly, and keep your needs met as they arise.

Here are key points in this new practice model I’m calling Vital Animal Gold:

  • My practice load will be kept extremely low. No more than 10 patients at any given time will be allowed in. That means you’ll have more access to me.
  • You’ll receive a personal Slack link to reach me on, whether by text, voice call, or exchanging of documents or pictures.
  • You can communicate with me as often as you wish, and expect answers within a day, oftentimes sooner.
  • We’ll focus entirely on your new pup, but in two ways:

    • Natural rearing methods
    • Custom homeopathic prescribing

In our first month together, we’ll schedule an intake appointment to see who this new pup is, from the vantage point of homeopathy. Are there little symptoms waving at us? Some things that could be better? Maybe odd stools, fears, twitchings, appetite, or worms?

Here’s where you’ll want to review your NR Roadmap handouts for what common (but not normal) symptoms of chronic disease look like.

We’ll often spend an hour or 90′ on our intake visit (by phone or Skype or in my office, if you’re nearby), sussing out what your new pup might have brought with her from past generations.

Then, I’ll prescribe a homeopathic remedy, and we’ll start the process of rooting out what ever inherited chronic disease we can see evidence of.

That’s followed in a month or so with a shorter follow up call, where we’ll discuss what’s happened since the first prescription. Your daily symptom diary, kept at home, will help us find trends, spot any new challenges that have surfaced, and decide both how your pup responded to the first dose and what’s needed next.

We’ll continue this for a minimum of four months: get information about your pup, prescribe a constitutional remedy, assess response, and re-prescribe as needed. If, at the end of this time, we’re satisfied that all’s well, you’re welcome to stop your Gold membership and carry on with all you’ve learned in natural rearing.

If you wish to continue, that option is open to you for as long as you like. I’ll be here to answer questions in your own private channel, re-prescribe as needed, help with management and dietary decisions, etc.

Your credit card will be billed monthly as long as you wish to stay on board.

How You Pay for Vital Animal Gold

As a Vital Animal Gold client and an NR Roadmap graduate, your first month fee is a discounted $500, and each month thereafter is billed at $1000. I will provide all homeopathic prescribing, consult time, question answering, and personal communications within that fee. If I send remedies, they will be included as well.

[If I’m overseas and my pharmacy is not available to me, I’ll send you to a homeopathic pharmacy to fulfill your needs.]

Supplements, if we decide some would be helpful, are charged separately or sourced on your own. I’ll provide guidance and may ship these, but more often, I’ll have a place for you to obtain these on your own.

I won’t have fixed hours as much as I did in normal practice, but will generally check in on email and/or Slack a few times a day to watch for your questions or reports. If you feel you need emergency help during our work together, I’ll instruct you on how to reach me. As always, if something is critical and I’ve not been reachable in a time frame suitable, you may need to start an acute homeopathic remedy and head to the ER.

Having a remedy kit at home is a great idea, and I’ll continue to teach acute prescribing on Vital Animal Alpha monthly.

Here’s a link to get my 50 remedy kit.

If this sounds like the missing piece to raising the perfect pup you’ve always dreamed of, please don’t wait to join Vital Animal Gold. As I mentioned, I’m keeping the number of clients very low and fixed, so I can be sure to give you and your special puppy all the attention you deserve.

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Vital Animal Gold

[product_description productid=”47576″]